November 23, 2010

Can't Wait to See What I Get for Our 50th

My congestion is breaking up today so I'm feeling much better.  Poor Megan had to call off work again.  She was feeling better yesterday evening and over did it a bit, I think.  She found herself sick again this morning.  Thank heaven the daycare is closed for the holiday after today and she'll have until Monday to get back to normal without taking any more time off.

So, about that weekend....

We didn't go far, just the next town down the road, but away is away and Tim rented a jacuzzi suite at the Hampton Inn.  Nice!  It was the first time we'd stayed at a Hampton so we didn't know what to expect.  It was probably the nicest hotel I've stayed in as far as decor.  And that tub.......I so need to get me one of those here at home.

While we did enjoy the room and all its amenities, we did venture out.  Dinner Friday night was at TGIFriday's....lurve their Jack Daniel's grilled meals.  We stopped at a leather shop, too, so Tim could buy a new pair of workboots.  He is the pickiest person I've ever seen when it comes to his workboots and the leather shop is the only place left on the planet (I think) that has any that satisfy him.  It was back to the hotel and that deep, wonderful, massaging tub after that.

On Saturday morning we went to Pittsburgh's strip, not strippers, it's what the market district is called.  I love the atmosphere there, very busy and ethnically diverse.  And the smells!  Oh, the smells from the shops and the sidewalk vendors and the restaurants.....will have your mouth watering.  There are street musicians, florists, crafters, artisans.  It's amazing.  We were a bit limited on what we could buy since we weren't going home, but we decided we are going back before Christmas with coolers in the trunk so we can indulge.  One of our favorite places is Wholey's seafood....they pretty much supply everyone around here and the selection is huge.  We managed to resist all that wonderful food on the strip so we were starving at lunchtime and went here.

I was so stuffed after lunch I'd have been game to waddle out to the car and head somewhere for a long, long nap, but Tim thought we should go see Matt at work.  He sells cars at a big Toyota dealership on the north side of the 'Burgh.  He is also the Scion manager.  We hadn't been there before so it was nice to see where he works and what he does.  It's a very nice dealership and you wouldn't believe the service center.  It has free WI-FI, computer stations, a Starbucks machine, vending machines, microwave, tables and chairs, a lounge area, a playroom for kids, a valet that takes your car as you pull up to the door.....I have been going to the wrong garages all my life.

Anyway.....while we were visiting with Matt, I got my "anniversary present."

I wasn't really looking for a new car, but sometimes life drops something in your lap that you can't walk away from.  This time it was a 2007 Ford Fusion with only 12,000 miles on it.  The dealership was asking a little over $15K, but with Matt's friends and family discount we got it for just a bit over $11K!  I love, love, LOVE it!

We stopped for dinner at Bob Evan's on the way back to the hotel.  I have no idea why, because we were still stuffed from lunch.  I only ate half of my chicken pot pie and BE's pot pie is one of my favorite comfort foods.  We spent the evening in the jacuzzi room just chilling.  Doing nothing is a rare treat.

Did a little Christmas shopping at Sam's Club Sunday morning and then came home.  Tim had a tooth bothering him and it was a good thing, since Megan came down sick right after we got home.  I packed the two of them off to bed and washed laundry while I watched the Steelers KICK THE RAIDERS BEHINDS!


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Love the new car. Very nice!!!!
Glad you are feeling better :-)

Stacy Lynn said...

Thanks, Rochelle. I'm still coughing and hacking but at least I'm not stuffed up or achy any more. The car is sweet! It's totally loaded.

Wendy said...

I'm so happy you got a new car, Stacy! I swear 'tis the season for being sick :( Drink lots of herbal tea with honey, very healing. Sending you hugs and blessings.


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