November 19, 2010

Later Gator!

The hubby and I are leaving after work today for our anniversary weekend.  We're not going far, but we are going to a suite at the Hampton Inn with a jacuzzi.  *wink, wink*  Just a getaway from the ordinary.  Enjoy your weekend.  I know I'll enjoy mine.  See you Sunday night or Monday!


Debster said...

Stacy Lynn--Ace!--finally found you! Love the new bloggy blog! Wendy really did you up good, girl! Have a wonderful weekend with the hub. Happy Anniversary to you both. Have fun making mattress angels!

Stacy Lynn said...

Mattress angels *giggle*. I'm glad you found me. I've missed your comments. I'm going to slow down on the meme-ing or at least put it on another blog....eventually. I tried to do Sunday Stealing but it kept rearranging itself?? I got tired of editing and erased it. :P


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