January 10, 2011

All Aboard the Crazy Train

My family is trying to drive me nuts.  Or convince me I already am.  I swear it.

This morning I literally tore the house apart looking for the book I'm reading.  I had it just last night, so I knew it was in the house.  I left no stone....or dog....unturned.  Really.  I had been reading on the sofa at one point last night so this morning I rolled the hound over and off thinking maybe he was laying on it.  Nope.

I looked under all the cushions of all the furniture.  Nothing.

I looked among the piles of magazines.  Not there.

I looked in the kitchen.  No, not on the table or absent mindedly stuck in a cupboard or the refrigerator.

Not buried in the garbage.

Not in the bathroom.

Or the bedrooms.

Tim didn't grab it and take it to work by mistake.

The book was no where to be found.  I finally gave up and took a magazine to read during my break at work.

So, now I'm home and what's the first thing I see (after the dogs exhuberant greeting)?  My book.  It's on the coffee table in plain sight.  SON-OF-A-SEA-COOK!  IT WAS NOT THERE THIS MORNING.  So what gives?  Megan is the only one who was home to have put it there.  This kind of thing happens all the time, but the "funny" part is that it only happens at home.  According to Tim and Megan, I never remember anything they tell me, it's never possible that they forgot to tell me, and I haven't remembered anything right in several years. 

Am I the only one who thinks if I was losing my mind the symptoms might show up somewhere other than at home, too??

Let me tell you MY theory.  Megan has A.D.D. to the point where she could barely function in school.  My dear, sweet husband has never been diagnosed with A.D.D., but I've lived with him for 26 years and him and Megan together for 18 years.  The man has A.D.D.  In fact, he has it in pretty much the same way as Megan.  They could be the poster children for "They say I have A......Oh, looky!  A flock of chickens!" 

I don't think they remember much of anything and it makes me.....


Just not the same kind of crazy they think I am.


I am Harriet said...

I never thought about a bus driver having more kids than a teacher. Good point.
Thanks for playing!

DJ KathyA said...

Love your oompa loompa answer! Doesn't Ozzy look young and innocent (and coherant) in this video?! Good answers all around. Have a great workweek!

quilly said...

Any teacher that tells you she knows what every kid in her class is doing and/or saying at every minute is self-delusional or a liar. And who only has 20 kids in their class? My average was 35, but once I had 47, and one heavenly year I only had 24.

I think bus drivers should be expected to drive the bus. Period. when I was a kid and we were expected to sit silently with our hands to ourselves the bus driver may have been enough to keep order, but these days I think all buses need a monitor, too!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh c'mon ... Stacy ... a PERFECT day and Toby Keith nowhere in sight???? LOL!

I've pretty much decided to just accept it and go crazy! They'll probably still be able to find me though since they will have driven me there!


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