March 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge, Day 13: Goals

Goals.  This is a tougher one.  I've had to think about it for a bit.  Here is what I've finally come up with.
  1. Lose weight.  Beth and I are going to the Relevant Conference in October.  She has set a goal for herself of losing 100 pounds by then!  I think she can do it.  This is inspiring me to do something before then, too.  So, I'm putting this out there folks...I want to lose at least 50 by then.  More would be good, but I don't want to disappoint myself and then give up.  Keep me honest.  Kick my behind when I need it (I'm gonna need it daily.).
  2. Exercise daily.  It doesn't have to be an hours long workout or even a trip to the gym.  I just want to get moving and do something beyond normal activity every day.  We have an exercise bike, a Bean, a Malibu pilates chair, a Wii, a relatively flat neighborhood, ample parks with walking paths....there is something I can do no matter the weather and without it costing mucho bucks.
  3. Take a seminary class.  I got the information packet in the mail last week and our denomination's seminary has some very good ministry classes available through distance learning.  I have to pray and think some on how to do it.  It costs $175 per credit.  I can pay myself and have no obligation or I can go through our region's pastoral guidance commission and if approved they will pay, but then I will be expected to serve as a lay pastor when I complete the courses.  I am interested in ministry, but preaching??  Not so much.
  4. Get totally out of debt.  Well, except for the two auto loans we've recently taken out.
  5. Do some serious gardening this summer.
  6. Get back into the habit of cooking from scratch.  I've gotten really bad about getting take-out or throwing together convenience foods.  It's not good for any of us and personally, after a while I think it all tastes the same...blah!
  7. Learn to use more of the features on the big, fancy camera I had to have.
  8. Paint our bedroom and redecorate it.  We've lived here nearly 18 years and it's the only room in the house that has never been touched...and it looks it.  It's soooo depressing.  Even Tim has been commenting that it is our very next project.
  9. Spend time at least trying to memorize scripture.  I am so bad at memorizing stuff that I really don't even try.  Not good.
  10. Sleep more than 5 hours in a row.

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Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I loved when I did my 30 day challenge. I hope you are having fun with this blog challenge. Those are some really great goals by the way.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Ummmm ... I am so NOT a morning person! And I require at LEAST 8 hours! Please bear this in mind when rooming with me! :)

As to the weight loss goal ... you can DO it girl! And since you've requested it ... I will nag you! :)

Lay Pastor doesn't necessarily mean preaching does it? To me it just means a person who is surrendered to God and available to serve anywhere He leads them!

Stacy Lynn said... is fun. Some of the challenges really make me think.

Beth....I'm not a morning person, either. I like to stay up late, but I just can't sleep longer than 5 hours or so most of the time.

Nag, nag, nag. No, really....NAG ME!

If I go through the regional conference, get approved and get financial backing....yeah, they'd expect me to preach now and then when a pastor is away/ill/or a church is without. :/


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