March 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge, Day 18: Hungry?

My favorite place to eat?  I'm a seafood junkie so it's gotta be....

There are two of them in the Pittsburgh area.  One at Station Square on the river and the other is out near all the great shopping in Robbinson.  I couldn't find a picture of either of those, but this is a pretty typical entrance look for Joe's.

Inside, your eyes will never stop wandering.  Here's why.

The food is amazing!  And there is no way you'll ever leave hungry.

Thirsty?  Joe's got that covered in a unique way.

My only problem with Joe's is that there isn't one closer, but then maybe that's a good thing.  We love seafood and would go fairly often.  With crab boils running around $30 each, it could get to be an expensive habit.

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Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

First Toby Keith, and now seafood. Can we really be friends?


clew said...

Hey sister! Mmmm, Joe's Crab Shack. I love it!

I finally added your new blog to my blogroll, LOL! I'm going to be actively pursuing my writing again so I'll be around more. I found some neat writing groups if you are iterested :)

love ya,

Gill said...

Looks a great place but something we dont have in common is that I cant stand seafood (should have put that as one of my facts). Would love to go there just for the atmosphere though

Stacy Lynn said...

Ellen....Well, I guess I can overlook your shortcomings. ;) Diversity, it keeps the world interesting.

Clewy....Yea!!! I'll add you to my blogroll. I hadn't cause you'd kind of dropped out there for a while.

Gill....I know lots of people who don't like it either. Different tastes for different folks. :) It is a very cool place to go just to check it out!

quilly said...

The Joe's Crab Shack in Las Vegas was a serious disappointment to me. I ordered a crab sandwich and I received two pieces of ordinary white bread with a thin layer of crab and mayonnaise. No lettuce, no tomato, no FLAVOR. And they charged me $7.95 for it. I could have done much better at home for a whole lot less. Never gave the chain another chance.

Stacy Lynn said...

Wow...I really can't imagine that from our experiences. Maybe it was just whoever was managing that one? It's pricey for sure, but we've always been on seafood overload when we leave.


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