March 09, 2011

30 Day Challenge, Day 8: Better Late Than Never

Sorry I am running so far behind today.  This week has been crazy so far and it's not looking like it's going to get any better.

I have a CDL license with a passenger and school bus endorsement.  That means every 4 years I have to sit through 7 hours of classroom time, log 3 hours on the road with an instructor, and pass both the written exam and driving exam again.  The company I drive for sent all of us that must recertify this year to classes Monday and Tuesday after work.  It was nice that they provided a mini bus to haul us there and back and that they paid for the class.  Not so nice was the part that the class was in Johnstown, about 45 minutes from the bus garage....nor the part about them lasting until 10:00 pm....or having to drive another 20 minutes home after getting back to the bus garage.  Four hours of sleep a night is really not enough.  At 46, I'm having to admit I can't pull all-nighters any longer.  At least not without paying a price.

Today I spent the break between the morning and afternoon runs schlepping all over town in the wind and rain with another woman soliciting donations to the Civic Club's annual bingo fundraiser.  We got quite a few "on the spot" donations.  I think they felt sorry for us being out in the rain.

Tonight I really must start calling people from the church.  Our constitution was finally approved a few weeks ago and we took nominations for our first church officers this past Saturday.  I am in charge of the whole process, so now I have to weed out the ineligible and then call everyone else to ask if they are willing to be on the ballot.  I really must find time to relax and watch American Idol, too.

Tomorrow I plan to start a major cleaning of the house because Megan and I are hosting a Lia Sophia jewelery party on Saturday afternoon.  My cousin's daughter is just getting started selling it and I think we are her very first party so I want it to go well for her.

On top of it all, I am so excited about the Relevant Convention in Harrisburg, PA this coming October  (click the button in the upper left of the blog to read all about it).  It is for blogging women of faith and my dear blog buddy Beth from Beth: A Work in Progress told me she was thinking of going and wanted to know if I'd want to go and we could meet in person.  No brainer!  Of course I want to meet her.  So, this week we bought our tickets, Beth booked the room and now the emails have been flying back and forth as we try to figure out the best mode of transportation for Beth to get here and drive the rest of the way with me.  We are bouncing off the walls!  I don't know how we're ever going to wait until October. 

Okay, now on to Day 8 of the 30 Day Challenge.  I am supposed to tell you about or show you a place I have traveled to.

I wish I had the time and energy to scan some better pictures, but I'll save those for another day.  To share these I had to copy them from the archives of one of my old blogs.  They are from our 2006 visit to Chincoteague and Assateague Islands in Virginia.  The Islands are my happy place so I hope you enjoy the peek.

The kids with their boogie boards.

Megan and friend at the beach.
A school of dolphins that swam along side
our boat for about an hour.

The horses that lived next to the house we rented.
We were allowed to feed them carrots and they
made sure we never forgot to bring them some.

Matthew pulling in crab pots.
Tim and Matt's friend fishing from the boat.
Me pretending to be an astronaut at
NASA's Wallops Island visitor center.

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quilly said...

Looks like a fun vacation! Wish you could go on one now to rest up for all your busy-ness!

Stacy Lynn said...

Quilly....thank you. A vacation sounds soooo very nice. Some place warm and sunny and by the water. I have had too much winter this year and as I'm listening to the news it sounds like yet another round is on the way. :(

Debbie said...

I think I'd be much more likely to donate on the spot to people out in the rain! That's using your resources wisely:)


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