March 27, 2011

My Daybook

For Today...

Outside my window...
it was kind of chilly, but sunny so very nice, anyway.

I am thinking...that there is no one who can hurt you more than the ones who are supposed to love you the most.

I am thankful for...basically good health.

I am wearing...jeans, sweater and turtleneck.

I am remembering...last week's Bible study lesson because I'm feeling kind of down and I need to pull myself out of it.

I am stop buying any kind of "junk" food.  If it isn't here we can't eat it.

I am currently action/adventure type book by Andy McDermott.

I am hoping...a friend of ours is going to be okay.  He had surgery for colon cancer about a month ago and it's been one setback after another for him.  He is at the emergency room now because one of his incisions ruptured this afternoon and puss came pouring out.  Not good.

On my mind...wondering if I'll have have an easy relationship with my daughter again. 

Noticing family thinks everything is my fault.

Pondering these words...I hope you dance.

In the kitchen...leftovers.  Cleaning out the frig and I went to a jewelry party earlier.

Around the would be nice to get some help once in awhile.

One of my favorite things...a new box of crayons.

A picture...


Wendy said...

I can totally relate to you about the issues with our children, sigh....I keep reminding myself to breathe deeply when we're thrown for a loop or hurt by those we love.
Hugs to you : )

Stacy Lynn said...

Wendy...I posted this right after Meg and I went a round. Probably not the best timing. On the whole things with us are much better than they've been in a couple of years, but there are still hot buttons we need to avoid and don't always manage to. On a happy note, she went out with a new guy last night. So, even though she still wants to head to Alabama she's not ignoring life here, which is a major improvement.

quilly said...

I prayed for your friend and your relationship with your daughter.

Your family doesn't really think everything is your fault. You are just an easy target. Even so, it is true that the ones we love are the ones who hurt us most.

Stacy Lynn said...

Thank you for the prayers, Quilly. Our friend still has no answers (long story) and he is getting so very discouraged. One good thing is that he is becoming very receptive to talk of God so maybe we will get him in church or bring church to him. :)


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