April 30, 2011

Life Is Good

Day 30:  Your favorite song this time last year.  Well, the last day of the Song Challenge has arrived.  I enjoyed doing it, not so sure about the rest of you.  It didn't seem to generate the interest that the original 30 Day Challenge did.  Oh well.  On to something else, eh?  The song I'm sharing today is a good one.  I hope you take time to listen to it and enjoy it.

Sooooo.....I'm up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning, this after a restless night of getting up every two hours or less.  Dogs....potty....leg cramp.....boyfriend staying over.  Yes, you read that right.  The boyfriend spent the night.  But not that way.  I guess I should explain.

When I picked Megan up from work yesterday she finally confessed what I had pretty much assumed.  She and Cody (Mr. Keep Your Daughter Out All Night) are officially a couple....and have been since April 19.  Then she promptly asked if he could come for supper and ordered up her favorite meal of city chicken, noodles and corn w/ peas.  Not a hard menu, but the city chicken does have to simmer for at least an hour and a half, so supper didn't happen until a bit past 7:30.

Getting back to the whole boyfriend thing....  He seems very nice, but extremely shy.  Oh man, this family will eat him alive.  He's kinda cute in a tall, skinny, big soulful eyes kinda way.  Much better than her usual, but based on his skinnyness and the way Megan tells me he eats all the time....I hate him!  LOL  Not really.  He assures me it will catch up with him and Megan says there is an 800 lb. man on the inside screaming to get out.

Anyway, he's part Native American (enough so that he gets money from his tribe and has to visit them once a year to prove he's alive).  He works at one of the local funeral homes.  He just works as the greeter, floor sweeper, hearse washer, etc.  He treats Megan like a Princess and pays her way everywhere they go (and gets mad if she grabs the bill before him).  He even paid for her friend when she was with them!  Soooo different from any of the other guys she's gone out with.  He's at her beck and call for rides or whatever she needs.  And best of all??  HE'S NOT IN ALABAMA AND HE HAS NO DESIRE TO EVER LIVE ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!  We haven't heard a word about moving in weeks.

Can you see my smile from there?

On to the staying over part.  No, I didn't suddenly turn that liberal.  He and Megan are going to the NRA convention with my mom and her husband this morning so he's here for convenience and YES, he is in the spare bedroom.

Gotta love my redneck, flag-waving, freedom-loving family.  My mom, her husband, my daughter and her boyfriend are going to the National Rifle Association's national convention in Pittsburgh.  Three of the four are lifetime members.  One is a Benefactor.  Tim and I are not going, though he is another lifetime member (I think my membership is coming for Christmas), but we are going to a gun bash.

Don't know what a gun bash is?  You buy a ticket for $20 (usually).  It includes admission, food, beer, and drawings every 15 minutes for guns.  In between those drawings tickets for extra drawings on "special" guns are sold.  They last 5-6 hours and are huge money makers for a lot of the volunteer fire companies.

Yep, you might be a redneck if.....


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Since I once dated a gun dealer, I can not judge.


Stacy Lynn said...

Dated a gun dealer, huh? Might be a little redneck in you after all. LOL

Debbie said...

I would be just like you and thrilled that he didn't want to live anywhere else!

dundee1964 said...

Autumn's boyfriend is sleeping over tonight for the second time! My! We have become so tolerant! lol He wants to go to church with her tomorrow and he thinks it's easier this way. He doesn't want to sleep in! No sleeping together here though either! ;-) He is a very nice boy. Knows she wants to stay a virgin until she marries and totally respects her and likes her more for that. :-)

WhisperingWriter said...

My husband would love to go to a gun bash.

quilly said...

I took my first gun safety class when I was six years old. When I was in my twenties my ex- and I used to go to shooting competitions. I never won, but I could generally stay in the competition to the final rounds. (My ex-, on the other hand, won.)

Stacy Lynn said...

Debbie...I am so far beyond thrilled! :)

Dundee...Can you imagine our parents letting our boyfriends staying over. NEVER would have happened. Of course I never in a million years would have asked, either. Glad Autumn has found a good one. I think Megan finally has, too. Hope he lasts a while.

WhisperingWriter...it's a fun day with friends, but we didn't win. Could have made a nice donation or a healthy downpayment on a gun with what we spent trying to win.

Quilly...That's awesome! I've always wanted to shoot (and hunt when I was younger) but my dad who was a deputy in the PA Game Commission refused to teach me or take me hunting and no one else has ever offered. My mom's husband seems excited to learn of my interest so maybe he'll teach me...or maybe Tim will find the time since he is really gung-ho on the idea of me getting a pistol.


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