May 20, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

It's been ages since I've done a Friday Fragments, but it seems to fit today so I thought I'd revive it.  I haven't seen a new Rock 'n' Roll Fridays in a while so maybe I'll be sticking with FF.

A heads up to you my loyal readers (all 3 of you), I probably won't be around much for the next two weeks.  School is done on June 3 and the last two weeks are always crazy time.  The kids are borderline psycho, I'm beyond ready for summer vacation, and the private school that I also drive for begins today having early dismissals every day until June 3.  On top of that there's a lot going on at church and at home so I just don't see myself having a whole lot of time.  I'm sure I'll post something here and there and visit a few of you, but any profound posting (or even really bad posting that takes time) will have to wait.

Just got home from taking the dogs to the vet for their check ups, rabies shot and vaccines and flea stuff for the summer.  $288.77!!  At least I know their rabies shots are good for 3 years and I have flea/tick medicine on hand for the next 8 months.  They got good reviews...well, except for one teensy, weensy, little thing.  Elvis needs to lose 13 pounds and he's off the hook with getting neutered.  The vet would rather chance prostate cancer with him than have him get fatter yet.

I'm sitting here like I have nothing else to do.  So wrong.  We are going to a dinner party for a couple from church tonight.  They are getting married in Hawaii.  Obviously, most, if not all of us aren't going so we decided to have a party for them tonight.  Sort of Hawaiian themed.  I'm supposed to be coming up with games.  I had several themed ones ready then found out we're not in a private room....those games aren't going to work so back to the drawing board.  Stressing here.....I am pretty much out of time!!

My son and granddaughter are supposed to come for a visit Sunday.  We'll granddaughter isn't feeling well.  I hope it's a quick virus and she's up and at 'em by then.  My daughter-in-law is hosting a baby shower so that's why the visit.

Feeling a bit frustrated with my husband these days.  I've come home several times recently to find my daughter and her boyfriend curled up together and napping under the throw on her bed.  They're fully clothed and I believe them when they tell me they aren't doing anything.  Still....  Tim's not thrilled, either, but has said the boy can stay over as long as he sleeps in the spare room.   He steadfastly refuses to confront her on anything that even comes distantly close to being about sex.  I have no such qualms, but she doesn't listen to me at all.  I finally told her last night that her dad is NOT happy, but just can't talk to her about this subject.  She argued mightily, but this morning when I woke up I found the boyfriend on the air mattress in the spare room.  Daddy's opinion carries weight.  I just wish he'd throw it around himself.

Pretty sure the sun has packed up and moved away.  It's been so long since we've seen more than a short peek of it.  If I didn't know better, I'd think someone had picked up SW Pennsylvania and dropped it in Seattle.  Rain, rain and more rain and when there's no rain, it's cloudy and overcast and more rain is on the way.

Well, I've got to find some games and grab lunch so I can head back to work for that early dismissal.  Talk to you soon!


Beth Zimmerman said...

It's hard for these daddies to confront their precious princesses! Bert still struggles with it. I've confronted him a few times over the past year and I understand that he is reluctant to drive Erica further away (which is probably part of Tim's reluctance) but it's still hard (on me) when he refuses to take a stand!

"Even bad blogging" made me laugh! Thanks! And I bet you have more than 3 regulars!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

As one of your three, and if I'm not you have more than three, I know as busy you are you'll still post.


Debbie said...

It is such a busy time! I can't believe how much busier it's gotten around here in the last two weeks.
And the boyfriend thing - you hang in there! I'd be frustrated too.

Cheryl said...

I hope the games are going well tonight and that June 3 comes quickly for you!

lisleman said...

no way can I understand that boyfriend situation from just a few words in a post. I would probably be so upset that people would be getting thrown out of the house. I've had some terrible teenage daughter situations so I'm not going to say or think about it. Best of luck and be tough.


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