May 22, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...

Outside my window...
it's once again gray and dreary after yesterday's wonderful, brilliant sunshine.  No rain, at least, so we are getting some yard work done this morning and hoping to grill for dinner at our son's request.

I am thinking...truthfully?  About strangling my daughter if she doesn't get out of bed and do the things I asked her to do yesterday.

I am thankful for...having enough.  We may not be rich or live in the house of our dreams, but we have shelter, food, clothing on our backs, and much more than many in this world.

I am wearing...denim capri's and a sleeveless top.

I am remembering...when we moved here 17 years ago.  Everything has changed so much.  Today we are battling the the overdue for mowing grass, pulling weeds, trimming, tying up vines, etc.....back then we had nothing but dirt for a yard.  Now thanks to all the rain it's a jungle!

I am the grocery store as soon as Tim gets back from buying new blades for the mower.  Our son and his daughter are coming to visit and he wants to cook on the grill.

I am currently reading...Reshaping It All, by Candace Cameron Bure (the oldest girl from Full House).  It's another diet book.  I like what she has to say about it being all about portion control, not outlawing certain kinds of food.

I am talk to the Mexican man who attends our church and ask what he'd charge to weed my flower beds and spread the mulch this year.  He is married with 3 beautiful kids (that Megan babysat Friday night), but the only work he has right now is what the church people are giving him.  We saw their apartment when we took the kids back (they don't have a vehicle that will hold them all) and I wanted to cry.

On my mind...the things I need to get done before our son gets here and what I want to get for dinner. 

Noticing that...we're all still here.  Yesterday's end of the world was a big bust.

Pondering these words...A spoilt child never loves its mother.  Megan was a spoiled child.  I admit it.  All of we adults in her life were guilty of it.  I didn't think we were at the time, plus it was tempered with Christian principles and she was taught how to do chores and such.  It was not enough to offset the spoiling and the influence of this world, though.  Now I am reaping the results in disrespect, anger, laziness, and an attitude of thinking everything is owed to her.

In the angry daughter washing dishes (she finally got up).

Around the house...things are looking better except Meg's room and the spare room.  She is rarely here other than to sleep (all day) and as mentioned doesn't lift a finger when she is...and the boyfriend has taken to sleeping in the spare room quite frequently so the airbed is constantly set up and piled with pillows and blankets....making it hard to get to my bookshelves or crafting supplies.

One of my favorite things...puppy kisses.
A picture...

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