June 22, 2011

Slow Week

It's been a pretty slow week around here...so far. 

Monday the insurance adjustor and the contractor finally got together and looked at the hail damage (happened in April) on our roof.  Bottom line?  We've got enough damage that we're getting a new roof.  The contractor said he's busy so it would be at least two weeks, but he called last night and materials are being delivered today and the crew will be here to do the roof probably Thursday or Friday.  I'm wondering if he pushed it through since I've gotten him at least one other job (possibly two) and he hit it off so well with our insurance adjustor that the adjustor is going to hire him when he needs an independent inspector.

Yesterday's excitement was a trip to the mall for weed whacker string with a stop at Barnes & Noble to pick up the new releases from my two favorite authors.  Then last night was Bible study, which was about a woman's call to homemaking....which is not one of my natural gifts, so it was interesting.  More interesting?  I'm teaching the second half next week.

The phone rang right after I got home last night.  Caller ID said it was a man, who used to be a friend when we were all much younger, and then he did some really stupid things that got his name in the paper.....and landed a car of ours in the bottom of a reservoir (it was at this man's garage until we had money to fix it up...not a priority since it was a spare).  The police said it was used in some drug dealings before it was dumped.  The key hung in this guy's office.  We were pretty sure he allowed the car to be used.  Anyway, we didn't see him after that.  Having someone put you in the position of the police wondering if you're involved in something like that definitely makes you put a lot of distance between you.  We'd heard he'd cleaned up his act over the years but we didn't see him, so last night's call was a shock.  It seems he was robbed last week.  Someone broke into his truck and stole a few things.  A pain, but no biggie....until it turned out they had taken some of his checks and used them.  So now his bank account is frozen until the mess gets straightened out....another 7-10 days.  He needed money for gas so he could go to work.  He couldn't reach any of his family and apparently everyone else said no....or why else would he have thought to call us.  He had to be desperate.

My gut reaction was "Oh, hell NO!"  I thought it took a lot of nerve to call us.  Tim, who likes to save and rescue people said, "Yes."  We have the number of the police officer on the case to verify that this is the truth and when we took him the money he was so grateful he nearly cried and you could tell he was really humiliated that he'd had to ask.  Which made me feel terrible for the things I'd been thinking.

Today is another rainy day so nothing exciting again.  I will probably just read after I do a little cleaning....take advantage of the quiet because tomorrow or Friday it will be Bam!Bam!Bam! as the old roof comes off and the new one goes on.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I'm going to the DDS! Woo hoo!

It's okay that you thought those things, having boundaries, or thinking of them, can be wise.

Jenny said...

Ummm....gosh...sorry your day was so uneventful...not!

You have an interesting life!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I agree with Ellie ... thinking he was going to take advantage again was perfectly normal! You know ... I ran across a verse in John yesterday that said "Jesus didn't trust them (men) because he knew their hearts!" I'm not sure it's reasonable to expect you to do better than HIM!

Hubby and I have debated for MONTHS the fact that Erica is (still) driving a pickup that is registered in our name and on which we pay insurance. I finally convinced him this past weekend that we just CANNOT risk that anymore. He's supposed to take her to put it in her name this week. And talk to her at the same time about everything else (poor guy). Then we will cancel the insurance.

She came over last night for her visitation with Drake. Since he was there we didn't have an opportunity to talk. She doesn't look good. Thanks for continuing to pray for us!

Wendy S. said...

Ugh, it sounds like the friend is a "bad penny" who quickly needs to be disposed of, not literally ; )

I WISH it was raining here, we have horrible "June Gloom" weather where it just stays gray, depressing and blah all day..I love reading on rainy days but not on June Gloom days : )

If you want sunshine, come visit me in So. Cal, Stacy..

quilly said...

You had reason to mistrust, but I am glad it proved unwarranted. You both just got a first hand lesson in grace. I hope it makes a power positive impact on his life -- in fact I said said a prayer with that in mind.

Stacy Lynn said...

Ellen...Was it amazing and exciting?? ;) Thanks for validating my feelings.

Jenny...If it's so interesting why am I so bored? Oh wait, that's just my ADD talking.

Beth....What's the reference on that scripture? I don't remember ever hearing it. Yes, there are just some people you have doubts about no matter what. I will be praying for Bert's "meeting" with Erica. Hopefully there will be a happy ending to this story.

Wendy....Even back in the day, this guy was one of those "bad pennys" that turned up at all the wrong times. It ended up not raining here. It was just a June Gloom morning. It ended up being sunny and wickedly humid. :P

Quilly....It was grace indeed and I thank you for praying for him. I think he is a soul who needs it very much.


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