July 01, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

It's time for Friday Fragments again, thanks to Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time and her ongoing mission to help us defragment our lives.


I got a new friend on Facebook last night.  Her name is Amy.  I think she found me through Beth.  Anyway, she's challenging her friends to make July a completely fast food free month.  I signed on for the challenge, though I did ask if she was banning better restaurants as well.  She hasn't answered yet.  She's in a different time zone than I am so she probably isn't up yet.  I honestly don't eat that much fast food, but since most of it is so horrible for you I figured it wouldn't hurt to ban all of it.  Anybody out there want to join the ban?


A friend from church called last night and said she'd been talking to our pastor about this week's zoo trip.  After telling her (yes, my pastor is a woman and a very good friend) how the ticket seller sold us a family pass in order to save us a lot of money and that we have several guest visits left on it (in addition to the unlimited "family" visits)....she suggested that she and her husband, the other woman and her husband, and Tim and I all go for an adult day at the zoo July 27.  Tim says he would like to go.  Now we just have to hope he is able to be off work.


Members of the family are dealing with death again.  Yesterday morning Tim called to tell me the son of the electrician on his project was killed in a motorcycle accident during the night.  So, tragic...he was just a young kid (early 20's) and lost control.  Then not long after that, my son called to tell me his best friend at work had been killed in a drive-by shooting during the night.  He found out when news crews showed up at work.  Nice.  Another young one...34, engaged and with his first child on the way.  No one seems to know the reason.  He was out walking at night and neighbors say an SUV pulled up and fired 12-16 shots at him.


Speaking of death.....have I told you that Megan's boyfriend works part-time at one of the local funeral homes?  Yep.  Megan is not thrilled and pretty much makes him sanitize himself after work.  LOL  I can't say Cody is thrilled, either, especially when they sometimes do things just to "get" him.  We're getting an education, though.  I've learned more about the business than I ever wanted to know.


I am really not happy about being back on estrogen therapy.  I didn't take the stuff for 3 months and life was pretty good if you ask me, but my doctor says I am way too young for menopause and put me back on the stuff.  So yesterday I spent the whole day feeling crappy (bloated, crampy, headachy...and NOTHING eases it) and worst of all the "blues" were back.  I hate all the symptoms but the depression is the worst.  I know what it is, I can feel it coming, I can't stop it.  It settles over me like a heavy, wet blanket.  Thank goodness it only lasts a day.  Usually.  I hate feeling like that for no reason, but not being able to get out of it.


I need to do some blog-cleaning.  It's like house cleaning, but for the blog.  There are some blogs on the roll that seem to have gone belly up that need to go and I have several bookmarked that I've been reading and need to add.  Watch for some new reads in the next couple of days.


So, it's the July Fourth weekend....how are you celebrating?  We are going to my brother-in-law's place on Sunday.  Matt and his family will be there...they might come stay here Saturday night.  We aren't sure yet.  Friends of ours are going with us.  They weren't invited but we asked if we could bring them. Hey...every time we have everyone here there are always a bunch of people I don't know...and nobody ever asks if it's okay.  At least we asked.  We're hoping to get the new fire pit built on Saturday so we can have our friends back here for a bonfire Sunday night.  On Monday?  Not sure yet.  Our town has a huge parade, carnival, and fireworks later on.  I mentioned the parade and Tim said he might go.  My dad was a big parade goer (actually he was big into the whole 4th of July...it was up there with Christmas as a holiday).  We went to them all when I was growing up and even when the kids were little.  We didn't stop till after Dad died.  I tried a couple of times, but Tim's not into it and Megan isn't either.  Anyway, we'll probably cook out here, invite my mom and her husband and just chill.  Tim has to work Tuesday so no fireworks.


Happy July 4th!
(be safe!)


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

If fast food includes Subway, then I just can't join in.

I have cleaned my blog roll too. Right now I'm happy with my little community, most of my "rollers" read my blog and I theirs, and it's all good.

Mac had four friends die in seven months time four years ago. It undid him. Hard, hard.

The zoo! I have a love hate relationship with it, I love going, but when I get their I'm so sad about the limits even good zoos place on their inhabitants.

Too young for menopause? Interesting.

Amy said...

Sorry about all the loss. That's tough.

I need to do some blog cleaning, too. Probably after housecleaning, though the blog cleaning would be more fun.

Depression sucks. No other word for it. Hope it is short-lived.

Laurie Matherne said...

I have "reader" cleaning and old email cleaning. But the blog list is okay for now. Sorry about the plethora of deaths.

lisleman said...

I'm not into parades much either. I like marching bands but my luck has it that I catch them in between tunes. Fireworks are fun but unless it's a new venue they even start to look the same. Great for kids though.
Part time funeral home work - now that's something different and would make great blog material.

Stacy Lynn said...

Ellen...Subway is NOT included. :) Four friends in seven months? Wowzers, that's a lot. Yep, too young is what he said. :P

Amy...I should probably do the house cleaning first, but actually didn't do either today. I pulled weeds in the garden, spent the afternoon in the pool with my daughter and her boyfriend and friend, and went out with the hubby tonight. Much more fun than any kind of cleaning. :)

Laurie...Thank you for the nice thoughts and for visiting my blog! New friends are always welcome.

Lisleman...it does suck to be sitting in the spot where the bands majorettes don't do anything. Had that seat for more than one parade.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Amy is one and the same as Yeve, of Lovin and Livin, a blog that you and I both follow. :) I'm glad you found each other on FB.

I never eat junk food anymore. It rarely fits a low carb diet.

So sad for the families and friends of the ones who died so young. Just tragic!

Have fun on your Zoo trip. Hope Tim is able to get the day off.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I think the fast food ban is a great idea, but I've already blown it for July...(sigh).
So sad about the losses. Over the weekend, a 31 year old man here drowned in the lake, leaving behind small children. I can't stop thinking about it, what a tragedy.
I hope you enjoy the 4th, my husband has to work too but I'm taking the kids to our small town's celebration.


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