July 21, 2011

It's Summer. It's Too Hot For Anything Else. So, Let's All Meme!


In an effort to distract us all from the fact that it is hotter than you-know-where out there (doesn't matter what part of the country you're in),  Beth wants to know our 10 favorite things about summer.
  1. It's not winter.
  2. Flipflops.
  3. You don't look silly drinking umbrella drinks....it's just sad and pathetic in January.
  4. The color...ain't nothing grayer than SW Pennsylvania in the winter.
  5. The beach....assuming I actually get to go.  I'm even willing to settle for Lake Erie instead of the ocean.
  6. No work.
  7. Staying up late and sleeping in....my natural state when the alarm clock doesn't interfere.
  8. Toasted marshmallows.  I like them caught on fire then blown out.
  9. Veggies fresh from the garden....sliced tomatoes, sauteed greenbeans, tender ears of corn, fried zucchini, cucumbers with onions and vinegar, stuffed peppers....*drool*
  10. Books.  I do my best book shopping at yard sales and library used book sales during the summer.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Gosh I'm tired. I swear I read this whole post ... even laughed a few times ... but my brain is just FRIED! ... Oh yeah ... travel catheters. I was stuck between wondering how that worked and being REALLY glad they didn't explain it! :)

Prairiemaid said...

Love your list, Stacy! I should have thought of flip flops! And the garden veggies....although, this heat has really hampered our garden this year.


Sheena said...

I am enjoying your blogging and am now following you.

And I may be moving to Ohio soon...it's good to know I can't fish for whales on Sundays. :-)

Stacy Lynn said...

Beth...you really need to take this weekend and SLEEP!

Cheryl...we just bought a sprinkler and put it out in the garden tonight because everything was starting to look kind of sad. Hope it's not too late. :/

Sheena...Yea! A new friend. :) Glad I could be helpful, I'm always glad to educate. ;P

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

The paint by number thing got me as well....


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