August 12, 2011

Just That Good

So our friends asked us to go to lunch with them today.  They had heard of a new (to all of us) place and wanted to try it.  It's called Out of the Fire Cafe and features a lot of fresh seafood and a rather high-end menu (it's the kind of place with no prices on the menu...or anywhere else that I've been able to find).  It was insanely delicious and we were only eating from the lunch menu.  I can't wait to go again and try an entree. 
Since today was just about the most gorgeous weather day you could imagine we opted to eat out on the deck surrounded by overflowing porch boxes and a multitude of butterflies and views of the Laurel Highlands and a fishpond below.
And just as we were ordering our friends informed us it was on them....a treat for my birthday on Monday.  How nice was that??

Tim & I on the deck at Out of the Fire Cafe.
Our dear friends, Christine & Bennie.

On the way home I saw a sign in front of a nursery that said houseplants and tropicals were 50% off so we stopped to look.  I ened up with three nice plants for the pots I have and an enormous hanging philodendron that is easily 6 feet long!  I got everything for $15!!

We all took a break and relaxed at home with our feet up and then tonight we met up again for a concert of latin music in the park. 

It's been an awesome day!


Wendy S. said...

Good for you to treat yourself to some nice food with friends and plants! And birthday??? You're turning 21, right, Stacy ? ; )

T.O. Geezer said...

A relaxing day out with friends is always nice.

Have a great weekend :-)


Beth Zimmerman said...

So glad you had a day like that! Sounds just about perfect! :)

Stacy Lynn said... at 21! Maybe we should go with 39. :)

Ron...thank you! I hope you have a nice weekend, too.

Beth...It was gorgeous and perfect!


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