August 19, 2011

Lots of News

Hello, my peeps!  I missed the bloggy world today, but it was one of those busy, busy days and this is the first chance I've had to pop in and say "hello."  I've got a couple of things to tell you about, so let's get this show on the road...

First of all, I want to warn all of you to beware of a scam that we, unfortunately, ran into.  On Tuesday I was online checking our bank account and balancing the checkbook when I came across a charge for $29.68 that I had no idea what it was for.  The line on the statement that gives the name of the payee listed a website so I pulled it up.  It was a customer service page...very professionally done, but nowhere did it list a company name.  It started off right at the top with directions on how to cancel your "subscription."  All you had to do was type in the receipt number or your credit/debit card number.  I already had one charge I didn't recognize, I wasn't about to do that, so I called the toll free number that the site promised had live 24-hour customer service help.  Got a recording there that promised help.....right after I would type in my credit card number.  Nothing that I did brought me to a live person.  Everything circled back around to the request for the card number.  Finally, I tried the e-mail adress. 

Two days later I still hadn't heard.  So, yesterday I looked at our online statement again and saw there was a second charge for $29.92 due to post.  I jumped over to the web site and sent off another e-mail.  I really blasted them and threatened them with everthing from the Better Business Bureau to the FBI if I did not hear from them.  In the meantime, a search for the company's name led me to a site listing credit card scams and guess who was listed?  The web site name was a little different from the one on my bank statement, but close enough and both were followed by the words Palma de Mall.

We called the bank and told them our story and they had us come right in.  We had to fill out a complaint so they could block any further transactions from this company.  They also cut up our debit cards and will be sending us new ones.  Because I caught it online it only cost us the $29.62 of the first transaction and the inconvenience of no debit cards for a week or two.  If you see activity in your bank account or on your credit card with a name anything like EASYBILLHELP.COM  PALMA DE MALL  it is a scam!  Report it to your bank/card company right away!

**Oh, and I did hear from the company by e-mail today.  Twice.  Both said essentially the same thing.  They couldn't find the transaction I was asking about.  Please send my credit card number so they could find it.


I think I've mentioned on here before that I was thinking about taking ministry classes through Winebrenner Theological Seminary, which is the official seminary of our "denomination" the Churches of God, General Conference.  Well, the thinking is over.  Last weekend I filed my application online.  I was approved and told all they needed was my transcripts.  So, today I went to my high school.  I left a note there.  The guidance office takes care of such things and they are on their summer vacation and not back in the office until Monday.  I left all my information so hopefully they will come in, see it, and get right on it.  I also went to the university I attended, Indiana Univ. of PA.  That was much simpler.  $4 later and my transcripts are on their way.  As soon as those make it to the seminary I'll be an official student and sometime next month will begin my first class via Skype.

Lastly, I am feeling really psyched about the program I'm in at the gym.  My trainer missed our session yesterday so the gym owner met with me today to make it up and while I was a little nervous about working with him, he was great.  He showed me some stretching moves that have me walking around pain-free this evening inspite of him having kicked my butt.  He also hooked me up with the gym's online program where I can chart my diet and exercise each day.  I should say, where I WILL chart my diet and exercise, because he and Jake will be checking to make sure I'm using it.  Jake and I also traded cell numbers and I'm supposed to start texting him every day to tell him how I'm doing....and he can kick my butt remotely.  I think I will succeed on this program inspite of myself.

Okay, it's been a long day and I still want to check in and say "hey" to Facebook before I head to bed, so I'm outta here.  Enjoy your Friday night!


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Girl you inspire me. A seminary student, good for you.
Sorry you got scammed. Glad you caught it early. There are some pretty crappy folks out there. I will keep an eye on our checking account. Thanks for the warning.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tip.
I am sorry you got hit.
We don't do online banking so I'll tell hubby to watch our bank statements.

Congratulations on your exercise program.
It sounds promising.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy said...

Scary about the scam. I'll have to be keeping an eye on my account.

Congrats on your new life directions -- school and the gym!

Wendy S. said...

Oi Vay, what a nightmare with the whole scamming but GOOD for you to be so aware and do something about it. I'm going to check my statements even more closely now. And karmaa a beyotch as we know. Sooner or later although we may not see it, these thieves are going to get it big time!

And so proud of you that you're going to go deeper into your faith with the ministry. You are truly one of the few "Christians" I know who really exemplify what I believe was the true message of Jesus, love, compassion, honesty and courage. Can't wait to hear about your process, Stacy!


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