October 25, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Lots of last minute things to do today.  Must have the house cleaned up because....

Beth is due in on the train tomorrow morning.  I will be at work so my mom is going to meet her and bring her back to the house.  I will get home about an hour after that.  It will be up to Beth what she wants to do while I work in the afternoon.  She can stay here and rest if she likes or she can spend the time shopping in the little town where I work....lots of really cute shops!

Thursday morning we head out to Harrisburg and the Relevant Conference and three days of fun and learning from some great Christian bloggers.  It's going to be amazing!


Mom is picking up the dogs and dropping them at the groomer's for me this morning.  I will pick them up, but couldn't get them to the only available appointment the groomer had.  I can't wait.  The boys are looooong overdue for this.  The poor poodle hasn't been able to see through all the hair for a couple of months and is a mess because his hair keeps matting and I keep cutting knots out.  The hound.....just stinks like a hound will.


I have heard back from both the registrar and the professor of the class I want to drop.  As expected, both are encouraging me to spend more time in prayer and to stick with it.  They have legitimate points, but I am pretty sure I won't be continuing with the Pastoral Training program.  One of the things that hit me a few weeks ago while reading one of the required books in my Spiritual Formation class was this:

There is so much talk within the church about having a calling.  Everyone is always asking what you feel called to do, what you think God is telling you to do, etc.  There is pressure within the modern church to have a ministry.  A person can end up feeling defective if there is no clear "appointment."  It crossed my mind as I've been contemplating the process of becoming Christlike, that it doesn't have to be all about one big calling or ministry or program.  Maybe the "calling" for some of us (be it for a lifetime or just for a season) is to make our lives our ministry?  Maybe it's as simple as being open to God's leading, keeping your eyes open to the opportunities to serve that he puts before you, and acting on them?  The whole life as minstry....I find this an incredibly freeing thought.  I also think it comes closer to the goal of becoming Christlike than running some program.  Not that there is anything wrong with programs, but if you think of Jesus' life, which sounds more like what you know about him?  Exactly.


That cute, young mechanic we got at work?  Still cute, but that's not what I'm getting at.  We still talk a lot and as things have gone on it's coming around to where I think he'd like to meet Megan.  He asks stuff now and then and he seems eager to connect with me and Tim.  I was asking him about "chips" that go in diesel trucks to increase gas mileage on behalf of Tim and said that the two of them needed to get together and talk. C's reaction was enthusiastic to say the least.  He said he'd have to stop by and have a beer with Tim.  We really aren't trying to fix Megan up when she already has a boyfriend, but if C shows up I know she's probably going to think that.  

I do admit, though, that if Megan was available I'd fix her up with C in a heartbeat.  He is a nice guy, friendly, a hard worker, at 23 he already has the money saved for a down payment on a house.  Ahhh, if it's meant to be it will happen.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

When I was struggling about not finding a place at my new church to serve, you gave me some of the same advice you stated here about your own situation.

Make your life a ministry. I was thinking about that yesterday in a way...blog post? We'll see.

Stacy said...

I said that? Dang, I'm smart. ;P

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Stacy what you said about having a calling really hit home with me. I totally agree with what you said. My friend is very critical of folks who "don't have a calling to do stuff in the church". I have to say it really gets off with me. You know some folks don't know what their calling is, or others get so caught up in the ministry that they forget what the real reason for doing it in the first place. I guess it is a touchy subject with me, because of my friend.

I know you and Beth are going to have a awesome time at the conference.


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