October 27, 2011

We're Here!

Beth and I made it.  We're here in the lovely Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey Hotel.  We made great time coming over the mountains even with the rain and fog.  Someone told me it was a 4.5 - 5.5 hour drive.  We made it in 4.

No, I was not speeding.  Well, not much.  And there were those iffy spots where the construction signs and speedlimits are still sitting there, but there's no construction.  Which speed limit's a girl supposed to follow?  The faster one!!

The Relevant folks seem very nice and you should see the bag of goodies we all got.  It's like Christmas!  The first session isn't until 4:00 so we're just chilling in the room and blogging.  What else would we be doing at a blogging convention?  LOL

I'm anxious to see how it goes once we get started.  There are some very interesting topics scheduled for discussion over the next couple of days.  Right now I admit to feeling.....OLD.  The people I've seen so far have been overwhelmingly young, blond and perky.  I feel just a little bit like a fish out of water and am wondering, not for the first time, what I'm doing here.  Everyone seems so accomplished and focused.  Me?  I'm so unfocused I left the 500 business cards I ordered just for this sitting on top of the refrigerator....and I needed on right off the bat.  Oh, well.

This will be a great learning experience and hopefully I'll meet some new friends.  I'm looking to get as much out of this as I can.  I'd like to make the blog all it can be and there are some amazing women here to share what they know.  I'll keep you updated as we go along....here, on Twitter, and Facebook.


Just had to share with you all that I got my reflection paper back in Spiritual Formation and I got a 9/10.  Yea!!


Yeve Eeffoc said...

Congratulations on the paper!

I wish I was there with you two amazing ladies!

Have fun, enjoy, and can't wait for updates!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

You are gong to learn some amazing things. I know you are going to love it. Don't feel like a fish out of water. You belong there just as much as anyone else. Congratulations on your paper :-)


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