November 04, 2011

4Friday Fragments - Nov. 4

Mommy's Idea

I've missed a few of these, but I think I can just about squeak it today.  Friday Fragments are the solution to the problem of not a lot of time or plenty to talk about, but none of it long enough for a post.  Mrs. 4444 has it set up as a blog hop over on her blog, Half-Past Kissin' Time so shoot on over there to make some new friends, spread the love, or sign yourself up.


Last night I enjoyed my Spiritual Formation class for the FIRST TIME EVER!  I didn't feel dumb or inadequate, either.  It was pretty sweet.  What's different?  Nothing really.  And maybe everything.  Between the class work and the Relevant Conference I've been pretty much immersed in studying the Word and blanketing everything in prayer.  So, prayer works.  Who knew?  LOL


Off to meet up with everyone from my class tonight.  We're all going to the church the teacher is the pastor of and the women of his church are making dinner for us.  It's so nice of them all since we do this class by Skype and most of us haven't met in person.  It's just too bad that the church is a good 2 hours away.  I talked Tim into coming with me so he could drive.  I'm hoping that will get me home a little sooner tonight, because....


I have to get up at the crack of dawn and get ready to drive with my mom to a surprise bridal shower for my cousin's daughter.  The shower is at noon and it's somewhere between Harrisburg and Lancaster.  I know from last weekend that Harrisburg is 4 hours from here.  That means we need to be on the road no later than 7:00.  Ugh.


My darling daughter is unemployed again.  She quit on Monday and is supposed to be looking for another job.  Please say a prayer for her.


Sunday I'm meeting a friend for lunch so I can give her all the books I got for her at the Relevant Conference. I can't wait.  We're having Italian.  If we can ever decide which restaurant to go to.


Wal-mart got me today.  They're decorated.  They have sales.  They have carols playing.  I bought our Christmas cards.  I did resist buying anything else Christmassy (Yea, me!) even though I looked (hanging head in shame).


Okay, I'm curious.  I've started to make some changes in the blog.  Changes that according to what I learned last weekend should make it more user-friendly in the long run.  So, tell me.  Are you liking it?  Are you able to find stuff?  Links are now on their own page because they were taking up so much room.  Archives and labels are at the bottom of the page.  


Okay, I'm off to find something for lunch and then it's back to work.  Fridays are early return days for me because the private school I drive for in addition to the public school, has early dismissals every Friday.  Say a prayer for me, too, if you think of it.  The elementary boys on my bus have been quite......."spirited" this week.  I have been writing them up left and right and it isn't making a difference at all.  I am stressed!

You all have a wonderful weekend with family and friends.  Be good to yourselves!


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Ish, I'm such a lame (rushed?) reader that I focus on content. Silly me.

Your darling d quit, my unassuming son got fired. Fun week.


Pray on.

Barbara said...

I've just completed my second FF. I agree with you, it's a perfect way to get those little tidbits onto the blog that otherwise wouldn't make it.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Keeping your daughter in my prayers. Have a safe trip to the shower and have fun! I am not ready for Christmas, let's have Thanksgiving first.

Stacy said...

Ellen...your blog is perfect the way it is. :) And kids? They're why my hair color comes from a box. LOL

Barbara...thanks for stopping by to visit. I'll try to get over to visit you. Crazy couple of days coming up.

Debby...thank you for the prayer. And Thanksgiving first? AMEN!

Rachael said...

I think the blog is looking good - the tabs at the top are great. Also, I almost bought Christmas cards the other day. Even though I still don't feel ready for Silver Bells to be playing in Sears like it was today.


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