November 28, 2011

A Full Life of Purpose, 30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 28

Posting and visiting may be a little light or even non-existent (though I will for sure finish the 30 Days of Thankfulness).  I'm staring down that big project for Spiritual Formation...the one that I have to share as a sermon of sorts this coming Saturday.  I have to have a book read and a 10 minute devotion prepared for class on Thursday and by next Thursday I have to have the big paper written, a paper on sharing it as a sermon written, and another book read and a paper written!  And in the form of work and taking care of the home and family will go on.

So, today, even though I am fretting over all that needs to be done I am thankful for a full life.  I am thankful that I can actually go to school to learn about God when so many in the world don't have the opportunity to know Him at all.  I am thankful for the purpose He gives my life and that He supplies what I need to achieve that purpose.

As a secondary I click "delete" on all the Cyber Monday offers coming into my mailbox today, I resolve to not feel bad that I can't take advantage of them this year.  In stead, I resolve to focus on and be thankful for all that I do have....a home that is snug and warm and safe, a healthy family, food enough to eat, clothes to keep me warm, clean water to drink, sanitary sewers, ready medical care, a job, freedom, equality as a woman, good's all more than enough.  Anything else is just an added blessing that I've done nothing to deserve, but am most humbly grateful for.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

You know...when I watch home shows (stay with me on this one), the people will look at older homes and want bigger closets.

Why do we "need" so much stuff? I feel like I'm constantly sorting through things, carrying something upstairs or bringing something down.

So yes, it's nice to give at Christmas, and no,I'm not doing that much shopping this year as money is tight, but I'm glad I'm feeling less of a need for stuff and more of a need for Him.

Now to find the time for a closet purge and Goodwill trip...

ArtyMarti said...

I read a book awhile back about hove to live with 100 things. It made me think, I have more than 100 pieces of clothing. My closets are full of stuff that I never wear, is outdated, or doesn't fit. I think that down sizing is in order.


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