December 16, 2011

Christmas Headgear & Thankfulness

For some reason you silly people want to see the crazy Christmas headgear I wear on the bus to amuse the kids (it tends to amuse my co-workers, too).  Since I'm a people pleaser, I'm delivering the goods.  Here are yesterday's and today's....come back each day next week for that day's.

Dec. 15 - I've had these candy cane antlers for quite a while.
 They were one of the first  headbands I owned.

Dec. 16 - My Santa hat was my first Christmas headgear, bought
even before I was a bus driver.  It was cold today and it is warm...

Just for the record, Megan took all the pictures for me.  And she thinks you're all as nuts for wanting to see these as I am for wearing them.  Just sayin'.


And now, some things to be thankful for today:

28.  Being able to laugh when children are at their most annoying-est best.

29.  A teenage daughter in a good mood.

30.  A mother in a good mood.

31.  Chinese take-out on a Friday night.

32.  Uplifting Christian fiction that leaves you smiling and peaceful.

1 comment:

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

A new one each day? Inspired!

Keep 'em coming.


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