December 14, 2011


I had the best moment at work this morning.  I stopped in at the bus garage between runs to say "hey" to whomever might be there and use the facilities.  Most days I manage to stop, though not always since it's such a small window of time.  There are usually only a couple of people in the lounge.  Today was one of the rare days when the room was full.

There was a big discussion going on when I walked in.  It was biblical in nature (unusual).  One of our drivers is.....a pastor without a church (he was asked to leave his old one after years of service for petty, small-minded, reasons) and I ended up, along with him, answering a lot of questions from the others.  We talked about creationism and can it co-exist with dinosaurs.  We talked about who in the Bible is truly evil.  We talked about the details of the bible stories they don't teach you in Sunday school.

The ladies all said they enjoyed the discussion and hoped we could do it again (very, very cool since a couple of them don't know Jesus).  I had a blast, myself, and I think it was good for the pastor-driver's self-assurance.

Don't you love it when God opens unexpected doors?!


ArtyMarti said...

We never know when the opportunity will arise to be able to share about our God. I just pray that I will be keen to listen.

Miss Stewart and Students said...

We took my unchurched niece to see a musical at my former church on Friday night. We spent an hour in the car talking with her about God.

Gotta love those gifts of opportunity!

Chatty Crone said...

And what is cool you never know when or where! sandie♥

Stacy said...

ArtyMarti...I pray for that very thing each morning...opportunity and open eyes to recognize it.

Miss Stewart....Ellen? That's awesome. Was she receptive?

Chatty Crone...No, those pop-up moments are true gifts. :)


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