January 13, 2012

Fragmented Joy

I am really stinking so far at getting my counted blessings posted for the Joy Dare, so today I'm getting them up right away instead of waiting until evening.  Today's prompt was 3 sounds I hear....

91.  A favorite song blasting on the car radio while I'm zipping down the road and singing along.

92.  The exuberant bark/howl of a hound so excited to see me that he nearly wiggles out of his skin.

93.  Rain drumming on the roof in the dead of the night.

This looking for the blessings is a good exercise.  It keeps me focused on what's important and that, I am happy to report, seems to be keeping those winter blues I usually fall victim to at bay.  Hooray!  It also seems to be having the effect of bringing some gentleness to my spirit, which if you'll recall, is my word for the year.  Double hooray!

I hope to start working on some posts on becoming a Titus 2 woman (my main goal of the year) over the weekend so with a bit of luck you'll start seeing something come Sunday or Monday.

Mommy's Idea

Moving on to Friday Fragments by Mrs. 4444's at Half-past Kissin' Time.  I don't know if I have much to de-frag this week, but I'll give it a shot.

Work is really progressing on the old church our congregation bought.  We are doing much of the renovation work ourselves and Tim and the other men who work in construction have more free-time than usual right now due to the weather and the slow economy.  (There's a blessing...even in the bad of less income.)  My daughter's boyfriend is even getting involved.  He is going to refinish one of the pews and if we like what he does, he will be doing them all!  Everyone is getting excited and we are hoping to be able to move in this summer rather than the fall.

Megan hasn't heard about the nurse's aide position.  I am praying that just means they haven't done anything.  I wish I knew how to light a fire under that girl.  I love her to death, but she seems content to put a couple of neighborhood kids on the bus in the mornings for a few dollars a week, sleep all day, and hang out with her boyfriend and friends all night.  Frustration is a key word around here, but I just keep praying.  And praying.  And praying.  And...

Winter has reared it's ugly head in a big way today.  Just the other day it was nearly 50 degrees and the sun was shining.  Today it's about 20 with a windchill near zero.  It's snowing and it's windy so it's blowing .  The school district I drive for didn't have so much as a 2-hour delay.  They should have canceled.  It's terrible over there.  This morning I had to drive to work on roads the PennDot crews hadn't touched yet, deal with a whiteout in a little valley I drive back into with the bus, and coming home one of the township plows pulled out right in front of me...never even looked my way...and I hit the brakes but couldn't stop.  He looked up in time to slam on his brakes and that left enough room for me to swerve around the plow.  Had anything been coming the other way....it would not have been good.  If he hadn't looked up and stopped....it would not have been good.  I really dislike winter.

That's all I can think of for now and I have to go grab some lunch and get myself psyched up to go back out there for the afternoon runs.  Yippee.

Stay warm and have yourselves a great weekend!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love those three sounds.
Have a nice weekend.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Glad your angel turned his head ... And protected yours! Great sounds!

Ann in the UP said...

Whew! Close call in the school bus!

I like your choices of great sounds too. We don't have much snow and have taken to being happy for almost any precipitation. Odd for it to be dry in the Midwest. (So the rain on the roof resonated with me.)

Stacy said...

Thanks everyone for the comments...those are sounds that make me smile no matter what.

Beth, never thought about it that way. The roads were bad and I was just so stressed over being on them all day...lost sight of what was important.

Rachael Heiner said...

We got our first snow last night, and I'm with you - not a fan of winter. I don't like being cold, and I don't like being wet and cold, which is what happens when you stay in the snow too long. Plus since I live in WA no one here knows how to drive in snow.

Karen and Gerard said...

I like your sounds too, especially the happy dog barking to greet you!


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