January 05, 2012

This & That

Putz-ing and doing a little housekeeping around the blog today.  You'll see I've started a blog list of my favorite reads over on the left side.  So far, I've only moved some of the many, many...many bookmarked blogs I check out.  I also plan to move my favorites from the blog link page to the list.  The blog list page will remain to contain all the other blogs I read...just not daily.

I've also decided to show collected buttons again.  I haven't gotten very far with that yet.

Our daughter-in-law has a prenatal appointment this morning.  Her first since confirming the pregnancy.  :)  Our son switched days off to take her and they plan to come here afterward to spend some time with our daughter.  They're going to stay for supper, too.  I think we're going out for pizza since I have to go back to work soon.  Can't wait to get in some more grandma time with our beanie-baby!

Our daughter applied to the assisted living place a couple of streets away from here.  She went thinking housekeeping, but they are hiring nurses' aides and asked if she'd be willing to learn.  She said yes and filled out the application.  Please pray that she gets it, likes it, and sticks with it.  It is past time for her to start being a responsible adult (that's this grumpy mom's opinion if you don't want to have any rules at home).

Pray also for our daughter's health.  She saw her doctor yesterday for lunch (she's a family friend, a Christian, and keeps trying to bring our girl around) and asked about the lump in her arm and the constant heartburn.  The lump is left from last Christmas when she got snapped by the line on her hunting bow.  The bruise lasted for weeks and it looks like it has left a cyst behind that is pressing on a nerve, so surgery is probably in the future.  The heartburn is probably a worsening of the reflux we know she has and meds will have to be upped.  Pray that when they are increased that she will take them.  A.D.D. does not make one good at remembering to take medicine and my daughter isn't exactly receptive to being reminded.

The husband continues to work 5 - 6 days a week and get a little bit of overtime, but there are a few with the company that are laid off (mainly those with poor track records of reliability) and work is slow.  There are projects lined up, but banks just aren't releasing funds.  The company is having a meeting this afternoon to explain the situation and let the men know how things are going to pan out.  We're pretty confident Tim won't ever be laid off unless there is absolutely no work anywhere at all, but we are feeling the loss of all the overtime hours that gave us breathing room and a bit of disposable income.  Like everyone else, we will be cutting back this year.

Finding the blessings in the everyday....

72.  Baleful brown eyes looking up from the floor, watching every bite I take, waiting to spring should something drop.

73.  A new grand-niece arriving in the world today.

74.  30-degree weather that feels warm after 0-degree weather.

75.  Co-workers who go the extra mile and make the job easier.


Wendy S. said...

You and I both are trying to do some blog housekeeping although I"m wayyyyy behind on you ; ) How exciting to hear about all the new activities, life and doors that are opening to you and your family. I think it's wonderful that your daughter might get the chance to become a nurses aide, you never know, this could be her passion. There's "talents" and then there's "passions" and I hope she finds hers and will send blessings of health to all of your family. How do you find time to do everything and blog still, girl? lol...

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I will be praying that your daughter will get the job and love it.

Stacy said...

WENDY!!! I'm so glad to hear from you. I've missed you! Thanks for the positive thoughts for Megan. I can't wait to hear how you've been. :)

Rochelle...thank you, as always, friend. :)

My Captivating Images said...

Praying for a healthy pregnancy and for your daughter. 0 degree weather, boy I remember those days in NY. Can't say I miss them. :)Glad it is warmer now.

Stacy said...

Thank you for your prayers. :) I wish I could worry about missing winter. lol


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