January 08, 2012

Weekend Joy

It's been a good weekend...hopefully it's going to be topped off with a Steeler victory over the Broncos.

Friday night Tim and I had dinner at a small diner in Ligonier.  Ruthie's doesn't serve trendy, gourmet dishes.  They serve homestyle comfort food at it's best.  We both had hot turkey sandwiches.  Mine came with fries, Tim's with mashed potatoes.  Both arrived on platter-sized plates.  Holy-moly that was a lot of turkey!  On the bright side of that, we were so stuffed that we bypassed the popcorn and candy at the movies.  We finally saw Tower Heist.  It was really funny.  Alan Alda made a pretty good bad guy.

Yesterday Tim spent most of the morning and afternoon working at the old church building our church bought.  He is in charge of the renovations....and it needs a lot.  I puttered around here and made a big casserole for the fellowship dinner after church.  We took his great-aunt as usual.  (To the people with whom she for some reason sat down with instead of with us...I'm sorry.  She is a "bit" high-maintenance.)  It was the first time in about a month we were able to stay for the dinner and we had a really good time reconnecting with everyone.

Today we went on the hunt for a new pair of workboots for Tim.  Ugh...he had better not ever say anything about how long it takes me to decide on anything when I'm shopping ever again!  He must have walked around the store looking at the boots 30 times and then bought the first pair he tried on and loved anyway.  Sheesh.  We hit the grocery store after that so Tim could pick out some things for his lunches this week.  I've spent the afternoon playing on Facebook.  I did make "funeral" potatoes at Megan's request (diced potatoes mixed with cream of chicken soup, sour cream, onion, and cheese, topped with a butter and cornflake crust and baked).  We had those with the leftover casserole (chicken, stuffing and a gravy like sauce) from yesterday.  Yummy on a football day.

The Steelers are on the board first with 3 points, by the way.  :)

From The Joy Dare...

82.  After midnight headlights beaming in the window letting me know a daughter is home safe.
83.  A husband suddenly appearing behind me in the mirror when I'm drying my hair.  He scared me and we laughed.
84.  Shadows of houseplants falling on the wall like a tropical jungle.

And on my own...

85.  A day without bickering.
86.  A happy daughter.
87.  One feather came out of my hair.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Loved this! Especially the feather falling out! GO Steelers!

Stacy said...

Eh...Steelers are not doing so well. 20-6 a minute from the half. :p

Marti said...

Well, not being a football fan, all I can say is may the best team win. Have a good day.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I felt great joy at the Broncos win, and that makes me feel a little guilty since I have MANY Steelers fans.

But...it's nice to see a different team succeed. Of course, I have to say that. My husband is a Colts fan and my family all Bears fans. Losers!

Now onto tomorrow's game---Geaux Tigers!


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