February 11, 2012

Saturday Share

Good morning!  Sitting here in the kitchen this morning watching the snow come down.  Beautiful and we haven't had that much of it this winter, but I'm happy to be inside looking out at it.

Tim is up and off already.  He had to get some bloodwork done this morning at the hospital (just routine) and then he was going to get new tires put on my car.  Yea (!!!!), because much like the tires on the dad's car in A Christmas Story my tires were getting to be tires in theory only....they were round and once made out of rubber.  LOL

I'm kind of hoping Tim will also make a stop at the ER while he's at the hospital, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.  Stubborn man!  He went all Van Gogh yesterday....backed into a piece of metal at work and cut his ear pretty bad.  It really should have stitches, but he refused to go last night.  I glued it together the best I could with liquid band-aid and steri-strips.  It has stopped bleeding and is sort of holding together this morning, but he's going to have an ugly scar.

Tonight I think we're heading to the bar down the street.  I can hear the collective *GASP.*  It isn't something we normally do, but a friend from high school is in a band and they are playing there tonight.  He asked all of us on Facebook to come out and give them a listen.

My mom leaves for Florida at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow.  Sigh.  Life is just sooooo unfair sometimes.

On to the shares:

Pondering with a Purpose, Marti wrote a wonderful post about how far technology has come in her lifetime.  It had me thinking about the changes I've seen.  A great trip down memory lane.

Ann Voskamp reminds with her Best Advice for Hard Times that we are never alone.

Simone shares what happened when her heart stopped beating and reminds us of the value of the moment....even 8 Seconds.

Rochelle made me laugh!

And here are some amazingly awesome things I've seen on Pinterest and am totally going to do....right after I win the Powerball lottery tonight.

I would have loved this as a kid.
Actually, I'd probably still love it.

All the fun and far fewer safety issues.  This is a GREAT idea!

Does this even need an explanation?

I can totally picture myself enjoying a book or a nap here.


And the blessing count continues.....

146.  The moments of lightness right after a "funk" leaves your spirit.

147.  The pristine beauty of a snow-frosted world.

148.  An ear that is cut, but will heal.  

149.  A relationship not severed.

150.  The sweet, caffeine-laced fizz of Coke first thing in the morning.

151.  A mom who is healthy and independent.

152.  An unexpected hand on a shoulder when you need it most.

153.  Wise teachers.

Have a great weekend!


Marti said...

Enjoyed your post. You have to remember that men thinks that scars are manly! Sounds like fun supporting your friend's band. Thank you for the mention in your shares. I am glad that you enjoy my trips down memory lane, and the occasional rabbit hole.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Stacy I am sorry about what is going on with your daughter-in-law. You are doing the right ting just keep on praying for her. It is sad that she is missing out on having a wonderful mother-in-law. I just hate it that it has hurt your family.
I am glad that I made you laugh this week. Somedays we need someone to cheer us up.

Wendy S. said...

Yayyy, you need some fun with all the family drama from your DIL going on…I can just hear you and Tim now, hooting and hollering. And glad you got some new tires, it's time for me to bring my car just for a tune up, much less tires ; 0

Stacy said...

Marti...Manly scars. :P I hope we get to go tonight. The snow continues and it is cold, windy...the works!

Rochelle...You did make me laugh this week, but you always make me smile. Thank you for being such a sweet friend.

Wendy...Family, eh? We don't get to choose them, just have to love them and do our best....and choose our friends wisely. Hoping the weather cooperates for going out.

NanaDiana said...

What a great post. We have had one of "THOSE" inlaws, too. It can really change your family interaction when you get one of THEM. I never thought it would happen to us- but it did/has/is still. We just deal as best we can and keep praying.

At least on the ear the scar won't be as immediately apparent as if it were on his nose or lips or forehead. Crazy guys. You have to hogtie them to get them for treatment most times.

Happy weekend- xo Diana

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

There's nothing wrong with going to a bar...

Beth Zimmerman said...

I keep thinking that at some point in the Joy Dare prompts ... I am going to give thanks for that fizzy burn of Coke Zero on my tongue with the first sip from the can! :)

Simone said...

Thanks Stacy for mentioning my blog post and your comment. It really encouraged me. As for changing me...I feel that I've got a do over and I sure don't plan to waste it!

I love your continuing list. I'm happy that you're able to re-connect with your son. I hope that your daughter in law will come to realize what a treasure you are and try hard to make your relationship a good one.

Take care, my friend!

Chatty Crone said...

Hope your hubby is doing okay now! sandie


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