March 02, 2012

Friday Fraggin' for the Birds

Mommy's Idea

I didn't realize how long it's been since I joined in on the fun of Friday Fragments, but I'm here to rectify.  The brainchild of Mrs. 4444 @ Half-Past Kissin' Time, FF is the blog hop where we bloggers can clear the clutter, so to speak.  It's the place to share all the little things that aren't really a post on their own.  For the complete rules, to join in the fun, or to find other FF posts visit Mrs. 4444.

Spring is just around the corner.  Want to know how I know?  The birds are coming back and my car is a favorite target....even when it's moving!  I'll forgive them, though.  It's good to look out the window and see robins all over the backyard.

In the afternoons, I pick up kids at the local Catholic school and bring them to the public elementary school where they get on their buses to go home.  This week one of the little darlings (she is 14 and old enough to know better) threw something out the bus window and broke the windshield on a car.  It's all on video.  She was very purposeful in her actions and gave the driver a one-finger salute afterward.  Nice.  She gave me a whole lot of snotty attitude.  She is off the buses for the rest of the year.  She lives a long way out of town so the parents will be seriously inconvenienced.  Hopefully, that will mean a strong punishment and a lesson learned.  But I'm not holding my breath.

The Mister is home today.  Work has gone to four ten-hour days a week to give the guys a break on gas usage.  He was going to work at the church building, but so far he's eaten, taken a walk with me and the hound and now he's napping.  He saw the doctor this week, but can't say we got any answers.  There seems to be some thought that he has muscle breakdown in his shoulder and maybe his hip.  That can, apparently, cause the tiredness and the elevated liver count.  He is to see a muscle specialist soon.

The big dog (and his people) are adjusting to life without the poodle.  The big guy only mopes in the evenings and he loves his new routine of multiple walks per day.  He hadn't gotten to go for a couple of days due to the weather and you should have seen his excitement when I got the harness and leash down this morning.  He was so cute.  He's adapting nicely to having all the attention to himself, thank you, and he's actually cut back a bit where food is concerned.  As for the people, we've stopped being weepy all the time and calling his name or expecting to see him in his favorite places.  I'm even learning to sleep without his small body pressed up against mine.  But every now and then we forget and turn around expecting him to be there....and he isn't.

The Princess had a job interview with the housekeeping department at the hospital yesterday.  She feels it went well and our friend (a doctor) says Princess is what they like...young and trainable.  It would be wonderful if she gets the job.  The pay is decent and it comes with amazing health benefits.  Her boyfriend also had a job interview yesterday (not at the hospital).

Time for me to go grab something for lunch and then head back to work.  March is a long month for me.  The schools don't have any days scheduled off.  It's no fun now, but I'll be loving it when we're done for the summer on May 28 instead of going into June.

And yes, I know the birds are a bit too wide for the blog, but I love Blue Jays and just had to use them.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Keetha Broyles said...

I've been admiring the blue jays!

Tracy said...

My husband drives a bus and this week had his first major issue...a student who had gotten into a fight last week on the bus decided that he needed to call my husband nasty names and tell him that he was going to kick his a**. He is now off the bus the rest of the year. He has a bad situation so now my husband is worried about how he is going to get to school since it is about 4-5 miles and probably no one to take him.

Wendy S. said...

How you handle "darling" little birdbrains who throw things is a miracle, Stacy ;) I'm so glad that the big guy and the rest of your family are slowly picking up the pieces after your loss and good news about the princess! crossing my fingers for all of you

Beth Zimmerman said...

You have an awesome weekend too, Stacy! I did read but work just got dumped on my desk and I need to go do it! Bummer! :( Hugs!

Katherine (of Just a Thought ... do you know her?) bought an early-bird ticket for Relevant this week. I'm debating buying one as motivation to lose weight so I can fly (which would lessen time off and maybe make it doable). Thinking. Thinking. Are you going again?

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

You have a great weekend also. I just don't understand young folks this day and age. If I had done something like that when I was a kid, I would not be able to sit down for awhile if you know what I mean :-)
Stacy it has been three years since my dog died and I still miss him. Sending you hugs my friend.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Hope the hubs gets a diagnosis soon!

No spring break there?

We have the last week off in March.

NanaDiana said...

Waht a nice, newsy post. I sure hope they can figure out what is going on with your husband...maybe he needed the short (long day) work week so that he can play catch up with his health issues. A nap won't hurt him.

It's too bad that the brats get all the attention while the good kids are often bypassed in thought, isn't it? I wonder what she told her Mom and Dad when she got home? xo Diana

Tettelestai said...

I hope your hubby gets to feeling better and they find out how to help him. Muscle things are so painful!

That girl, oh goodness, a broken windshield?? Good night.

I am so sorry you lost your poodle. It is so painful to lose a sweet little companion. Mom had to put our mini poodle down my freshmen year of college, he was in so much pain and having seizures. She wanted to know if I wanted to be home to do it and I just couldn't. He slept in my bed his whole life.

Stacy said...

Keetha...I know they're loud bullies, but the blue jays are my favorite wild birds. They're just so pretty.

Tracy...I understand how your husband feels. I actually try not to write kids up unless they commit a major infraction because I don't want them taken out of school...and also because for a few, I know the "punishment" at home will be more like abuse. This girl, however, comes from a good family with lots of money.

Wendy....I pray every single day for patience! Yes, we're getting better. Just wish I knew what's scaring the tar out of Elvis now. He fights going outside something fierce. Lays down on the floor and shakes. My hound needs a shrink!

Beth...I don't think it's in the budget this year. :( Tim's hours are way down. We're hoping funds are released later this month for a hotel he's supposed to build, but you just can't count on it.

Rochelle...You and me, both! I would have been in soooo much trouble. It amazes me how many parents question the authority figures who deal with their kids. There is such an attitude of "my precious baby wouldn't do that." I love it when we catch it on tape.

Ellen...The private school I drive for will be off the last two weeks of the month, but the public school only takes Easter vacation.

Diana...I'm sure the nap did Tim some good, but he's ALWAYS tired. I hope they can figure it out. Fibromyalgia (sp?) and thyroid have been ruled out.

Tettelestai...My family had a miniature poodle when I was growing up, too. She was the grumpiest, most miserable dog I've ever known, and she HATED kids. She didn't even like me until I was in college. She lived to be 18. Mom and Dad had to put her down, but I was married and in Florida so didn't have to go through it.


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