March 19, 2012

Some Days

Some days life gets us down.

Some days there doesn't seem to be anything to be thankful for.

Some days we wonder "what's the point?"

Some days we need to seek the gifts with our whole hearts.


Some days will pass and better days will come, 

but no day is promised so better not to waste a single one!

201.  The push to seek, when all seems pointless.

202.  The lifting of a sinus headache after 2 days.

203.  Over-time hours when work has been slow.

204.  Failing is not the end.  Tomorrow is a new day to begin again.

205.  Fresh spring breeze coming through a screen to sweep
away winter's stale air.

206.  A clean, empty kitchen counter.

207.  A husband who cleaned the spilled corned beef and cabbage
out of the trunk without being asked.

208.  Cheese.

209.  Storage Wars Marathon!

210.  The smell of fresh turned earth.


Craig said...

207 - YAY hubby - That's a good boy!

202 - I'm really happy for that - I can't imagine how horrible one of those must be.

Oh, and go read my tweet to you please and thank you.

God bless you Stacy.

Modern Day Disciple said...

Aw, I love your list! You do know you were a big influence in getting me to buy the book, read (finally) and start joining in the counting! I so desire and am desperately seeking the gift of a "clean empty counter". Beautiful! ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks for splashing me with God's goodness today. I hope you don't mind if I wade around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into all good things.


Messy Marriage said...

Some days are harder than others to find the good and thankful moments, but I'm so glad you've found the bliss in the middle of life, Stacy. And your hubby sounds like a "keeper!" :)

Stacy said...

Craig...I read. I tweeted. You know this. ;)

Dawn...Just spreading the word, it's all the Big Guy's doing. :) And, sigh, my clean, empty counter is already a thing of the past.

Sarah...Thank you for visiting me! I'd love for you to look around. I will be sure to visit you as well. :)

Messy Marriage...Some days are indeed hard, but I am learning, as we all are, to look beyond the hard and find the joy that's always waiting. And yeah, after 27 years, I think I'll keep the hubby. ;)

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I am glad you are feeling better my friend. You are right about better days coming. Isn't it nice when our other half does something without being asked. It is such a sweet feeling we may not get it a lot :-) but it is nice when it happens.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

It's always important to stop when we're most blue and take a moment (all it will take) to count a blessing, or two, or three...

Simone said...

I'm with you on listing the blessings. I've learned just because one day may not be the best, there's always tomorrow (if God says so).

Rebecca said...

Beautifully and well said! I'm so glad I linked up near you on the Multitudes on Mondays Link-Up. :) I host an additional Monday Link-Up for encouragement to sort of "sister" Ann's. Stop by anytime, and I look forward now to reading more from yours! :)

Blessings with love,

Angela said...

Did you say Storage Wars? lol..our new 'time spent' together hubby and I..LOL..He is SO addicted to this how, and now I'm watching it..YEEEEEEEP!!! lol

Stacy said...

I'm always grateful for Cheese too! If I had to choose just one food to eat forever ... I think I would choose cheese! :)

... sorry ... just realized that I'm still you! Leaving now. bsz

Stacy said...

Rebecca...Thank you for visiting me. I will be sure to check out your blog.

Angela...Yeeeeep! I did say Storage Wars. Gotta love to hate Dave. LOL That's togetherness time for me and the hubby, too.

Beth...LMBO! I was actually sitting here asking myself when I said that.


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