April 09, 2012

Morning Has Broken

Dawn does not come softly this day after Easter.  
The sun charges over the mountain top eager to spill it's bright light on the valley below.  
Mist rises from the land and streams as warm meets cool.  
Birds call out....a symphony of joy to greet the day.  
A jogger passes by.  
Somewhere a dog barks sparking a growing chorus that echos throughout the neighborhood.  
 In the un-tilled "jungle" of the garden a cat stalks unseen prey.  
The very air shimmers with light and excitement for the new day....it fills the lungs, it fills the soul with expectancy.  
What does God have for me today?

226.  Spring lambs leaping about a field.

227.  A lawn awash in a sea of fluffy yellow dandelions. 

228.  Heartache...for in it are lessons and growth from Him above.

229.  A soft breeze that lifts hair and just barely stirs chimes.

230.  The smoothness of chocolate melting on a tongue.

231.  Hands so much like Nana's that I stop and wonder and remember.

232.  The joy of a hound who knows he's going for a walk.

233.  Life that goes on even when I think it can't.

234.  Medicines that take away pain and heal.

235.  Medical tests that give good results.

236.  Laughter among friends.

237.  The encouragement of someone who believes in me.

238.  Belonging.


Modern Day Disciple said...

An adventure? A soul in need? A word of encouragement to give OR receive? I don't know Stacy, except that we can be sure He has a plethora of good things today for you and me! Happy Monday!

NanaDiana said...

Stacy- What a beautiful post here today. I am sure God has plenty of good things in store for us today- we need only seek them out! xo Diana

Brenda said...

Love that! Rather than waking up with the ugh thoughts, how beautiful to wake up with God-conscious thoughts. Definitely make for a better start to a day, doesn't it?!

Simone said...

I hope that I can wake up every day with new expectancy. Sometimes, I'd rather just pull the covers up over my head. Thank you for creating a beautiful portrait of being blessed to see another day.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Goodness girl ... there is a POET lurking in your soul! ... I love you anyway! Ha ha! And no ... the taxes are still a work in progress. Will finish tomorrow. And by then there may be another mountain in my way! Good thing I know the mountain mover!

Wendy S. said...

I agree with the others you are such a poet, Stacy! If you've never read Mary Oliver's poems, check her out, I think your kindred spirits. Thank you for always giving me a soft smile even when there's toil and unhappiness to be found. But your awe of beauty is my favorite form of extending gratitude so that I may also feel it as well.


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