April 07, 2012

Saturday Share

It's like the whole world is paused, holding its collective breath, on this day before Easter.  This day when we wait to hear that the tomb is empty.  This day before we raise our voices, along with our soaring spirits, to announce,  HE IS RISEN!

Some things to look at while you wait:

Do you ever wonder if people know where you stand or if they wonder about you?  Angela at Free Spirit Haven has a wonderful post about this and her excellent Good Friday.

Hot, Holy and Humorous shares an awesome video called Dance Your Shoes Off.....a true celebration of what Easter means.

Heather shares about losing her daughter on the (in)courage website and the lesson she learned from her loss.

And today I share my favorite Easter hymn.  My favorite for the truth of it and also because I remember standing beside my dad at Sunrise Services, feeling the warmth of him (Dad was a big man), smelling his Old Spice aftershave, and listening to him booming out the words in his big, deep voice....and all was right in my world.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Hallelujah! He arose! :)

Love you, my friend!

Chatty Crone said...

I just got in town but I wanted to wish you a Blessed Easter. sandie


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