June 29, 2012

Followin' the Friday Fraggle Trail

Yuck!  6:00 A.M. and it's already 83 degrees and the humidity is positively oppressive.  I flipped the morning news on long enough to find out it's going to be at least 95 this afternoon.  It's not as hot as a lot of you are having it, I know, but it's still miserable and I loathe super humid days....so allow me my short whine.  'kay?

1.  Whine about heat and humidity.  Check.

2.  Post Friday Fragments and Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.  Check.  Check.


This Week's Statements:
1.       ____makes me laugh
2.       sometimes____makes me sad
3.       My ___ looks ___ after ___
4.       When I hear ___ I ___

My Answers:
1.      The Big Bang Theory (the show) makes me laugh.
2.      Sometimes my family makes me sad.
3.      My hair (in its natural un-keretin treated state) looks like Medusa on a bad day after a good dose of humidity.
4.      When I hear certain songs I am instantly transported back in time.

Mommy's Idea

Lots of running to do this morning.  I have to go to the bank and to pay our property taxes.  Then I have to go to Tim's great-aunt's and possibly take her to the bank.  She received a "settlement" check in the mail yesterday from a gas company and she is dying to cash it and put the money in her safe deposit box.  I told her I want to read the letter that came with it first because this company tried to swindle her and her lawyer got her out of the contract.  I don't want to find out cashing the check will lock her into something.

I'm really not thrilled about having to be the one to do this.  She is Tim's aunt.  She has no children, but does have a whole herd of grand nephews and nieces (both hers and her late husband's).  She will be 88 next month and she's loaded so there are a few among "the herd" who are dying to get their hands on her money (she is leaving it in equal shares to them).  The two nephews who seem to think they're in charge and should get everything (to the point the one would cut his own brother out) would love to slap her in a home and liquidate everything now.

Anyway, she doesn't want those two to know she got the check.  I'm just shaking my head because it isn't even a large amount.  I just want to make sure she isn't getting sucked into anything because if she cashed it while I was with her and something went wrong......ohhhhh boy!  They are still a little ticked that I helped her deal with the insurance company and found her a contractor to get her roof redone after the big hail storm last Spring.  It didn't cost one penny of "their" inheritance so I don't know what their problem is.  She was bound and determined to do it with or without help.  All I did was be there to guide her through it and make sure she didn't get taken to the cleaners.

I know a lot of people who participate in Pondering with a Purpose participate in the Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun meme, too.  If you're here and you're a Ponderer, please check out my post from yesterday.  I don't know what's going on, but when I go to Brenda's site it's like the whole thing has been high-lighted and it's "dead."  I can't post my link or comment or click on anything.  I tried sending her a tweet, but didn't hear back.  I'm not having trouble anywhere else so I don't know what's up.  Is it just me or is everyone having the same problem?

I cleaned out my office/library/craft room yesterday.  There's still not much room in here.  It used to be Megan's room before her brother went off to school and she moved across the hall to his slightly larger room.  It was a "jungle" room when she dwelled with its walls.  I've removed the jungle elements, but the walls remain "Lion's Mane Gold" with a slightly dark shade rag-rolled over top, giving it a kind of aged, parchmenty look.  

The carpet is kind of a dusty green so I found some old-time bark cloth fabric in a 1940's style floral print that has the golds and greens and a dash of flamingo pink.  Mom made me curtains and pillow shams and I took the sliding doors off the closet and hung curtains made of the same material over the opening.

One wall is solid bookshelves.  I put squares of cork on the walls in a couple of places to pin up photos and stuff (like all my Toby concert tickets), and a lot of framed photos, all in black frames fill the rest of the walls.  This is where you'll find my autographed pictures of Toby, the Blue Angels, and various Steelers.  There's a comfy platform rocking chair, a big frame to work latch-hook projects on, a couple of side chairs, an exercise bike, a Malibu pilates chair, a desk my dad had custom made for me when I was 7, and a card table to wrap presents and work on.  There's also a whole lotta shredded paper on the floor thanks to the puppy.  I just cleaned it up yesterday, but she's been busy this morning.  Even cleaned up, it's kind of crowded in here.

The puppy is making progress.

No, she's still pooping in the house every chance she gets.  Thanks for asking.

But she learned to sit on command!  She isn't perfect at it yet, but she does pretty good.

And the pooping thing?  I think she sort of gets it, because when she does go in the house it's either hidden (like she knows it's bad) or right in front of the door (like she knows she should go out).

Exciting news this morning.  Well, it's exciting to me....probably not so much for you.  I had a message on Facebook this morning from the woman I was going to meet in Cleveland for the Toby Keith concert.  She is  seeing him in Cincinnati and has 2 Platinum VIP tickets....the friend that was going to go backed out.  Another friend might go.  If she can't, the ticket is mine if I want it.....okay, if I want it and can afford it and if Tim's willing to drive to Cincinnati with me.  That would make my summer!


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Can you drive to Cincinnati alone? Do it!

The office sounds just right. See, you are getting things done!

Lucy said...

Humidity makes my hair go flat, so disgustingly flat.

I love Big Bang Theory, it gets me laughing every time!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Sounds like you are super busy. I hate the heat too. We have a family get together Saturday and I am not looking forward to being outside in the heat.

Wayne W Smith said...

I had problems with Brenda's site yesterday too. Hope it is just a small glitch.

Keetha Broyles said...

I HATE those swindling things. The other day when I was volunteering at church the phone rang and I answered it. A male voice said he was "brother so and so" in India and wanted to know more about our church.

My "swindler" red flags went all up.

I asked him why he needed to know more about our church if he was in India.

He said, well what time are your services?

I told him, but added I still don't see why you need to know in India.

I must have sounded "on to him" 'cause with that he hung up.

Wayne W Smith said...

I forgot to add that I love the big bang theory too.

Diane said...

I feel your pain on what the humidity does the hair. I have very thick, wavy hair and it currently looks a lot like critter's! Supposed to be 102 here today AND humid! Ugh!

Nani said...

My hair just goes limp in the humidity, thus this is ponytail season! I love the puppy pics who has same humidity problems!

Wendy S. said...

You're a good person, Stacy to help Tim's aunt out who obviously doesn't have ulterior motives. I hope you take photos of your room. Remember progress not perfection. And we want more photos of Daisy!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Have a wonderful weekend and 4th of July. I love the Big Bang Theory and songs transport me back in time too. Now when I hear something from the past I put the song on my phone. It is now filled with memories.

Janice's footsteps said...

I had my stuff deleted off Brenda's too :(
The puppy thing we just got ours potty trainied DO NOT BUY the puppy pads ugh she liked to chew them??? Loved your answers good luck on the tickets :}

Stacy said...

Ellen...If I get a shot at the ticket, it may come to that. Tim isn't seeming too excited about missing a weekend of working on the church. The office is good...if I can just convince Megan to stop throwing her stuff in here.

Lucy...You lucky thing! I pay big bucks to get disgustingly flat, straight hair. Sheldon is da bomb!

Rochelle...I think your heat is worse than ours, but we did hit 101 this afternoon. It's been storming all evening...hasn't done a thing for the humidity. I hope it's cooler for your get-together tomorrow.

Wayne...I'm still having problems and haven't heard from her so I'm wondering if she had a virus or something.

Keetha...They do seem to know who to target, don't they? Makes me mad that they would steal from old people who aren't really in command of their mental faculties.

Diane...Two words, keretin treatment (or Brazilian blow-out or whatever they call them where you are). Best hair thing I've ever done.

Nani...I got my hair straightened so I can do ponytails.

Wendy...Pictures...got it.

Debby...Thank you, have a great 4th, too. I still don't have a smart phone, but it will be loaded with music when I do get one.

Janice...Something's wrong at Brenda's. Hope she gets it fixed soon. Gotcha...no puppy pads. She chews everything in sight as it is, I don't need those shredded all over the house, too.

Chatty Crone said...

That last photo is my hair in heat and humidity. Lol. And I love the Big Bang Theory. Sandie

Hilary said...

I love that wayne also answered about the big bang theory making him laugh - that is my favorite part of this hop - seeing how so many of us are so similar...

Jennifer said...

Some songs transport me back in time too! I love the pictures at the end of your post, hilarious. I feel like that in the humidity too.


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