July 21, 2012

Saturday Share

Happy Saturday to you all, my loves.  I just got home from a women's Bible study on Esther and it was a wonderful time of fellowship and learning....so I'm not going to apologize for being late on the post today.  It's all in the priorities, girls.  Not too many of you are up and reading blogs on Saturday mornings, anyway.

I will apologize for missing Pondering with a Purpose, Friday Fragments, and Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun this week.  The last couple of days were just busy with work and things needing to be done.  Again with the priorities.  I could have posted in the evenings, but by then I was just too tired to think about it.

Thursday I met one of the pastors from church for lunch (our church probably has more pastors per capita than any church you can find...they come to be ministered to, but also minister back).  F is a wonderful pastor, the Tuesday night Bible study teacher, a dear friend, and whether she likes or wants the job, I consider her a mentor.  Lunch was at my request.  I wanted to talk to her about a few things and she is always swamped by the younger women at Bible study and at church services.  They cling to her and haven't yet learned to share her.  It is nearly impossible to talk to her during those times.  We had some amazing God-blessed and God-filled discussion and I'm feeling better and.....free-er?....than I have in a long time.  Our discussion (or at least parts of it) are fodder for another day.

Yesterday was a make-up day for kids at the camp.  We had terrible storms roll through Wednesday afternoon and they got rained out at the lake so I had to take them to finish up.

Today is flying by, too, so let me get these Saturday Share links up for you before I'm off and running again.

Ginger wants to know "Is personal blogging changing?"  Why do we blog?  Why don't we blog?

I could live without the f-bomb in her header, but the Pintester has a good thing going.  All those recipes and crafts and tips you keep pinning over on Pinterest?  She's actually trying them out....and photographing and writing about it.  She'll tell you if it works or not and she's hilarious.

Now, please, let's not get into a debate over Mormonism.  Those are not my beliefs.  I am, in case you've missed it, a born-again Christian.  However, that doesn't mean that we can't share things.  The Redheaded Hostess shares her journaling tips.  It is worth checking out.  She has the most amazing journals I've ever seen.  I would love to be that organized!

And here it is, the Pinterest pin of the week....


I need this kind of wrapping paper organization!


Janice's footsteps said...

We have 1 Pastor and he just turned 80 I am so nervous about losing him because he is really great. I love the studies so bravo for getting in some good studies :) have a great weekend.

Sheena said...

Hope you're loving Esther! Are you doing Beth Moore? That may be my favorite of hers.

Stacy said...

Janice...our little fellowship is pretty unusual. We've only moved from church "plant" to official "church" status in the last year. It started as a Filipino-American service and is now simply multi-cultural. We have one pastor who is "in charge" but we have several who attend our Saturday services who either have their own church to tend on Sundays or who are missionaries and we are their "home" church. It's really kind of cool because we don't have the same person preaching all the time. The pastors take turns and even the lay people share a message now and then.

Sheena...Yes, it's Beth Moore's study. I've done a couple of hers in the past, but this is the first time doing Esther. We've just done the intro so far.

Modern Day Disciple said...

Hi Stacy, love your new profile picture! I will have to check out those journals! Happy Monday!


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