August 31, 2012

Hey, I'm Back!

Summer ended, school feels like I've been away for months instead of a week.  And a crazy, busy week it's been, too.  I guess I should do a smooth segue to Friday Fragments here, so.....

Mommy's Idea
Oh man, was that smooth or what?!  LOL  So, here's what's been happening while I've been away from you.

Tim and I got away for four wonderful, low-key, relaxing days.  We didn't do a lot of "exciting" stuff, but we had fun.  Here's the proof.  Well, some of the proof.  I have a habit of turning the camera to take vertical shots and even though I turn them in my photo editing program...Blogger still turns them on their sides and I have never figured out how to fix that.  If you know the secret PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME!!

Carp at Linesville Spillway.  It's a fish nursery and people have been coming
to feed the fish for several generations.

These guys mooch worse than my dogs!

Seagulls, ducks and geese are on the scene mooching, too.
It's known as the place where "ducks walk on the fish."
This may have been the guy that scored a direct hit on me.

Don't mess with a hungry seagull!

I would have posted a picture of Tim feeding the fish instead,
but that's one of the topsy-turvy ones.

An octagonal barn in Miller's Station...just outside of Cambridge Springs,
the little town my mom's family was from and where I lived until I was 7.

What else did we do?  We went to the county fair.  It's the largest in Pennsylvania.  People came from three states to show their animals.  I was really disappointed.  I'd hoped to ride the ferris wheel and take a nighttime picture of the fair from the top.  THEY DIDN'T HAVE A FERRIS WHEEL!  What fair doesn't have a ferris wheel for cripes sakes?  They did have about 957,432 horses, though, and I think I petted them all.  Yeah, I'm just a big kid.

Okay, I have to share this photo (just in case you had any doubts we are a big ol' bunch of rednecks)...

This was a display at the fair.  Tim has found
the tombstone.....of his dreams???
That's a Ford F-350 on the top.
Price tag?  Around $4500!

We also took some long drives, stopped in at our favorite winery in North East, PA, shopped at the Market House in Meadville, PA (where the produce displays are so beautiful they look like a movie set...and I left the camera and cell phone in the car), dined on all our favorite seafoods, enjoyed Lake Erie and Conneaut Lake.  We shopped, we ate.....I gained weight.....and Tim bought me my first gun, a Ruger .357 revolver.

Then school started on Monday.....and what a disaster challenge it's been.  Due to financial woes, the school district asked the bus company I drive for to eliminate a run.  The kids on that run still have to get to school so with some ingenuity, luck, and maybe a little magic....3, or maybe it's 4, other buses are picking them up.  The rest of us are now picking up stops those buses can't, so everyone's runs are longer and the kids aren't getting to school with much time to spare in the mornings (and if anything goes wrong....traffic, weather....forget it).  Added to that is the confusion of new buses.  No one has the same bus they had last year and after 6 years the line up for dismissal has changed.  No one (not kids or teachers) seems to be able to figure out where to go or what bus to get on.  This afternoon should be interesting because at least 5 buses will not be at the middle school and the kids will have to get on other buses and ride to the senior high.  A couple of those buses have stops between the schools.  I can't wait to see how it goes.  (I said that with sarcasm.) far, I have not gotten home before 5:30.

It really has been a busy week with no down time.  

Monday I saw our new doctor to get established with him.  He is sending me for blood work (routine...I think) and an x-ray of my ankle.  It looks kind of weird and it hurts when I sit for a while and some when I walk, too.  He seems to think it's arthritis, but because I fell and twisted it a couple of years ago and never had an x-ray done he wants to see if maybe there's a fracture that was never treated in there.  Joy.

Wednesday I took Daisy for her first haircut.  She looks so pretty now.  Okay, she looks pretty if you like poodles.  I do.  Tim and Megan do not.  They keep telling her how stupid she looks.  She did not help by barking at herself for 5 minutes after seeing herself in a mirror.  Tim says it's proof that she doesn't even like the way she looks.

Yesterday I endured step 2 in getting a new crown at the dentist's office.  I am dental-phobic (?).  I loathe going.  The drill, the taste, the latex-gloved fingers, the pain (and yes, sometimes it does hurt), the looking up the dentist's nose.....

Also yesterday, Tim saw the new doctor.  Blood work for him, too.  Then probably a CTscan.  Tim's been having, as I just found out this week, abdominal pain for......well, ever, according to him.  Huh...I knew about all the other pains he has, but that's new to me.  He said the doctor says he's bloated and that he can feel fluid in there.  I'm kind of nervous about that.  Apparently, the doctor is, too, because Tim goes back on the 10th to see him and I don't have to go back until the 20th.

I guess that's all for now.  I'm out of time and have to head back to work.  T.G.I.F.  I won't be sorry to see this work week end.  We are all hoping things run smoother next week.  You all enjoy the long weekend and drop by and say thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting Friday Fragments and to check out the other blogs participating!


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I love the pictures from your trip. Sorry about the bus. I know that has to be a pain in the butt. Keeping Tim in my prayers that everything is ok.

Laurie Matherne said...

I must be a redneck, too because I like the gravestone.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

You might want to get that bus graphic's emissions checked...

I noticed a wonky finger last fall that I couldn't remember hurting. I finally had it X-rayed this spring, and it turns out it is arthritis. The doctor said it could be shades of things to come, or it could be the big A settled there because I hurt my finger long ago and therefore invited it to move in...I would have preferred a fixable situation, and that's my hope for your ankle.

The fish? Could have down without those photos! ;)

"GB" said...

The fish looked sad and crowded but what do I know. The gravestone would be a huge hit here in the south, perhaps they need to move a few states lower. Enjoy your weekend.

Wendy S. said...

Wow, a lot going on. I'm so glad you and Tim were able to get away for a while to shore you up for the school bus disasters. I was a horribly anxious student and would have really been a wreck if that happened to me when I was at school and I know now from hearing it from you how anxiety provoking the whole bus run situaiton is. And I'm sure Daisy looks darling!

Stacy said...

Rochelle...Thanks for the prayers for Tim. :)

Laurie...Yea! for rednecks. ;)

Ellen...It was the only bus glitter-graphics had. :( Sorry your finger. I really don't want to hear rheumatoid arthritis, either...both of my maternal grandparents had severe cases of it and ended up looking like crippled little garden gnomes. You're fish phobic?

GB...The fish have a whole huge lake behind them they can swim in but bunch up to get fed. The gravestone is a hit in certain crowds here. You'd be surprized how many rednecks there are in Pennsylvania. LOL

Stacy said...

Wendy...We try to make it as smooth as we can for the kids, but it never fails that something goes wrong. Parents freak, kids panic....everyone should take a deep breath because most of the time it's a case of the school having put the child on the wrong bus. If we find one we don't know we either try to get them to the correct bus or if we're already out on the runs we just bring them back to the garage and Mom and Dad can pick them up there safe and sound. It's rare that no one knows where a child is at all. And again, it usually turns out to be a case of getting on the wrong one of the ones that takes large numbers of kids to the YMCA's after school program. That's usually where they turn up if they aren't on any bus.

Faith @ Artistic31Mama said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Enjoyed reading about all your adventures. We went to see the fish at the spillway when Brenden was a baby. I would like to go back someday with all the kids. :-) Enjoy your weekend! We had a wedding today, picnic tomorrow and hopefully will get to REST Monday. :-)


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