January 22, 2013

What's Going On

Just a quick update to let you know I'm still around this week.  There was no school yesterday because of the MLK holiday so I had a free day.  I "ran away" with a friend for a girls' day that we were both in need of after weeks of being sick.

Today the extreme cold has caused all the local schools to call a 2-hour delay (cause those 2 hours just warm it up sooooo much).  What that means is I either won't come home at all through the day or if I do, it's only for long enough to eat lunch and head back.  Unless they cancel it because of the cold, I have Bible study tonight.

On top of it all, Meg's still home.  She saw the doctor yesterday.  Looks like it might officially be the flu.  Boo.


We'll return to the regular blogging schedule tomorrow with the Wednesday Hodgepodge.


Coffeypot said...

It's been decades since I've had to worry about getting kids off to school, but I think the 2 hour delay is make sure the sun is up and things like black ice can be seen...etc. But then you know that, so disregard this comment. I didn't say it.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Stay warm ... or try to!

Stacy said...

John, around here...it's the cold, not the black ice. We go lots of mornings with ice. The temp drops below 5 and we get a delay.

Beth, I sort of did. Was soooo very glad to get home and enjoy the heat of the pellet stove.


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