February 19, 2013

Three W's: Wind, Weight & Writing

Woo-weee is it windy out there this morning!  I can hear my wind chime's constant clamor, but more impressively...I can hear my mom's monster chime (it has big heavy 4' - 6' long pipes) clanking away.

*I should, in all honesty, disclose here that it's the rare day that we don't have a least a nice breeze going.  Wind seems to (in my mind's eye) swirl around in the river basin the town sits in, then shoot up the hills until it reaches the plateau we live on, where it SWEEPS across and then blows on up over the top of the ridge.  I rarely pay attention to it unless it tops 50 mph.  

Other than a tornado that ripped through the neighborhood in 1976, the worst sustained winds we've seen were back on New Year's Eve 1998.  Those were clocked at 100 mph!!  Everyone I ever talked to reported being able to sit in their house and watch the walls sway.  Now THAT was impressive.  And pretty scary.


I have an appointment this afternoon at 4:00 for an intitial consultation about the NutriMost weight loss program.  It sounds too good to be true, but there are a few things that are keeping me from running for the hills.
  1. The doctor is a chiropractor, which would normally scare me away.  However, my mom hooked up with a chiropractic nutritionist 20 years ago.  He totally changed her diet and (without exercise) she went from a size 18 to a size 9 in a little more than 6 months.  And she's kept it off.  A lot of the things he said back then that made the rest of us think he was a kook are now accepted mainstream thinking.
  2. While I know there is more cost for the supplements and whatnot required for the program, this initial consultation and evaluation is only $27.  I can afford that much to check it out.
  3. There is a money-back guarantee if you don't lose at least 20 pounds in the 40-day program.
  4. The doctor is a Christian.
Tim is also pretty curious about what I find out.  It's no secret that the man doesn't feel good most of the time.  I've always attributed it to bad genes, poor sleep habits, too much work, and a crappy diet.  You can't do much about the genes except work to offset them...something he doesn't do.  The rest, however, there is hope for and this doctor also says he can give better health through his methods and most of it comes about by taking herbal and homeopathic formulas to reset certain bodily processes.  "Magic" pills are exactly what Tim is hoping (and searching) for.

Praying there is something to this.


Beginning tomorrow I am starting a 40-day journey.  Possibly 2 now that I am thinking about it...if the diet program is legit.  The journey I want to introduce you to now, though, is a spiritual one.  I am going to be joining up with Dawn at Beneath The Surface and anyone else who joins us to spend the next 40 days Writing to God.  It's an exercise in writing our prayers out on paper.  

The book, available from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, is available in print edition and as an ebook for both Kindle and Nook.  Each day there is something to reflect on, scripture to read, and a writing prompt.

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not going to put my written words to God up on the blog every day, but every Wednesday from tomorrow (Feb. 20) through Wednesday, March 3 I'll be meeting up with Dawn and the others on her blog to link up and share about what we are gaining from the process.

I hope you'll consider joining us.


Wendy S. said...

Good luck with your Dr. and good for you that you want to change your eating habits. I know it's really hard to do but not impossible as your mom demonstrated. Just remember as the old saying goes "one day at a time" Stacy and be proud and kind to yourself.

Judy said...

Sounds awesome - - both your journeys! I like the idea of writing down your prayers. Makes you have to think a little bit more than being kind of "automatic." Maybe I'll try it!

Simone said...

The weight loss sounds promising. It sounds a bit like what my husband has been explaining to me today. I don't remember the name of it although it is vitamin based. I am really fighting the whole Weight Watchers concept. I just don't know whether I want to begin counting points or whether I have it in me to stick to it.

Thank you for the link on writing. I don't know if I am bold enough to commit because of my constant schedule but I will be following along.


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