March 05, 2013

Blue Skies & Blue Hair

*Hmmm....wondering if today might not again bring us a storm that wasn't.  Looking out the window at the clear, blue sky and sunshine it's hard to believe it's supposed to start raining this afternoon, then turn into snow and drop anywhere from 3 inches to nearly a foot of snow on us (we're in that "iffy" zone between what everyone gets and what higher elevations get).  Well, at least I am prepared.  I did some grocery shopping this morning (we needed stuff, not because of the storm) and we have plenty of bread, eggs, milk and toilet paper!

*Bible study is cancelled tonight.  They actually made that call last night based on the forecast.  Boo!  I love my Bible study and friends.  Tuesday is my favorite night of the week.

*The Civic Club met last night.  If you've been following me for a while you might know that I am the president of that intrepid organization.  Much to my dismay.  There was a time when it was THE club to be in.  Everyone who was anyone was a member or wanted to be.  They raised bushels and bushels of money and contributed to so many worthwhile projects in the community.  That was what lured me in to membership after attending one of their fundraisers.  I was excited.  Now I know the reality.  In this day and age, women have too many other things to do.  They don't want to join a civic club and serve on committees.  They think it's a great idea and all, but they are just too busy.

I had my arm twisted became president my second year in the club and have served for two years.  I didn't want the job, but neither did anyone else and they begged and pleaded and promised all kinds of help.  What I ended up with in reality is a dinosaur lumbering toward extinction and not realizing the way is paved with banana peels.  I'm the youngest member of the club.  My mom is 20 years older than me and there is another woman I used to work with who is maybe 15 years older than me.  The rest of the women are in their mid-70s through their 90s.  The ones who promised to guide and help me have either dropped out or block me on everything (but we've always done it this way!).  They veto any ideas of fundraisers because none of them are up to it and don't think the three of us who are able-bodied can or should have to do it oursleves.  That means there are no new funds coming in.  I also have to deal with one lady who tries to micro manage everything I do and criticizes anything that doesn't go her way.

After a rather embarrassing meeting (3 city planners came to speak to 7 members) I told the ladies that while it was a sad thing after 93 years of service, I thought it was time to face the reality that the club is nearly dead.  The 7 who were there are the only ones physically able to be there and of them, I suspect we will lose another one or two in the coming year.  I expected a battle, but once I put it out there they seemed to agree and next month we will discuss the fate of the club and how to disburse the remaining funds.  What a relief!  I should be free of this albatross by the end of the summer.

*Plans continue to form for the direction of the blog.  No feedback on the names, though, people.  Take a look here and tell me what you think.

Aside from the name and look, I'm trying to come up with a blogging schedule...certain topics on certain days.  I can tell you that Tuesdays are going to be multi media days.  Movies, television, music, computers, tablets, cell phones, books, news....anything!

I'm also going to feature Gratuitous Toby Tuesdays where I share something about Toby Keith.  What can I say, he's my favorite country singer and my celebrity crush....way better than an undead, sparkly vampire. * those who are fans.*  Enjoy his latest video on me.


Dawn Paoletta said...

Hi my friend. I'm so confused. How many blogs do you have? I have my hands full keeping up with the one...that's why I deleted my Fitness Blog! So Ann's not doing the Monday thing? Hmmm - wonder if she is doing the Wednesday Link....oh well. Hope you are enjoying our writing endeavor still!

Stacy said...

Those blogs I linked to over the weekend are old. I have a tendency to recreate my blog every couple of years. I blame A.D.D. I do have a diet one and a book one....both neglected. When I decide what to do with this one I'm incorporating those and doing away with separate blogs. Does that unconfuse you?

Ellen Smith said...

I’ve just come across your blog and this is the first post I’ve read. Needless to say I’m a bit confused!  But I love it! I can empathize with you on the cancelled bible study! My weekday bible study is what gets me through the week!! You also seem to have a lot going on…involved in a lot of things…that’s really nice. Going through your blog now…Hope you get to know you better! God bless you!!
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