April 11, 2013

A Little Light Pondering

This week the intrepid Brenda is asking us to ponder.....Light!

What is "light?"

Wellllllll it's....

  • radiant energy that makes things visible
  • an illuminating agent such as a lamp
  • pale, whitish, or not deep in color
  • setting to burning as in a candle, a match or a fire
  •  switching on or giving illumination to
  • not heavy
  • a "lite" product as in less of something...calories, sugar, fat, etc.
  • coming to rest on a spot

That's quite a bit for one little word.

Here are some favorite lights:



Gives new meaning to tail lights!


My All-time Favorite Light


Brenda Youngerman said...

Stacy... this is too funny... and the tail lights pants... seriously????

Thanks for pondering with me

retired not tired said...

Cute! Interesting interpretation of the pondering.

Rory Bore said...

"tail lights"

HAHAHAHA Love that. I want a pair...does it matter that I don't run? :)

um, did they not preview that Jesus one? really?

Beth Zimmerman said...

Do you have one of those leg lights?

Chatty Crone said...

I wish I weighed light!


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