May 20, 2013

Keeping the Focus by Counting

Is there something going on in the world of technology today that I don't know about?  Like a ginormous  solar flare or something?  Our cable, WiFi, and phone were all out this morning...I can't use my bank card or get money out of the ATM, even though the ATM shows I have money in there....and now that the WiFi is working I looked up my account online and all the deposits and transactions are posting but haven't been credited either way so something is goofy at the bank.

We had a good weekend.  Yesterday was the best.  Tim and I went out for breakfast then spent the day working in the yard and we went for ice cream in the evening...and even Megan went!

Now today it feels like I am being slammed from several directions and it would be easy to give in and get depressed, but I'm not going to let it happen.  I'm going to keep my focus where it should be...on God...and I'm going to pick up counting my blessings.

71.  A beautiful, sunny day. 
72.  Time spent with my daughter that DIDN'T include any aruments.
73.  Veggie soup for lunch.
74.  A much wanted book now in my hands to start reading.
75.  More energy than I've had in a long time.
76.  A hanging strawberry basket.
77.  Hair long enough to pin up.
78.  A God who knows my needs, my pains and my sufferings without me even asking.
79.  A God who wants me to ask.
80.  Peace in life's valleys.

1 comment:

Susan Beth said...

Great list!

Visiting from Ann's spot on the web. Love the being thankful for energy!


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