May 22, 2013

Pedaling Through the Hodgepodge

1. It's National Bike you own a bicycle? When did you last ride a bike? 
~ Not currently, unless you count the stationary bike.  I just saw a really cute one....basket on the front, big Wal-mart that I really like, so maybe I'll have one soon.  The last bike I had was never quite right as far as the brakes went.  I gave it to a man who fixes bikes up and gives them to people who can't afford them.

2. What's something you learned in school that wasn't part of the curriculum?
~ I am sure I learned a LOT of things in school that weren't part of the curriculum...or very beneficial.  I guess you might call them painful lessons.

3. What's a food you've never tried, but want to try? What's a food you've tried and will never try again?
~ I really can't think of anything I haven't tried, but want to.  I'm fairly adventurous when it comes to food.  As for a food I have tried and will never try again....eggplant.  I have had it prepared in a variety of ways.  It is gross no matter what you do.

4. Have you been more demanding on yourself lately or less? Why? Do you think that's a good trend?
~ I've definitely been more demanding...part of my One Word campaign to be more "intentional" don't you know.  I think it's a good thing.  I'm trying to take control of my life.

5. Who is your favorite book, movie, or TV show villain? 
~ For years when I was growing up and a young adult it was Stefano on Days of Our Lives.  Jack Nicholson makes a good bad guy.  Other than that, I don't think I've ever had a favorite one.

6. How concerned are you about identity theft? 
~ Given the amount of stuff I do online...and the fact that I've had my bank card hacked....probably not enough.

7. I saw this last question on Dawn's blog a couple of week's ago and asked if I could share. Everybody hop over and say hi, but first answer this...would you rather have an ordinary home in an extraordinary place or an extraordinary home in an ordinary place? 
~ As far as the location goes, I think it would depend on where it is.  On top of the Tibetan Alps would be extraordinary, but I wouldn't want to live there no matter what kind of house I had.  On the whole, though, I think I'd like an ordinary home in a location of my choosing...which would be somewhere between the ordinaryness of here and the Tibetan Alps.  lol

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

~ A weather front is due to move through here later today.  I think it's the same front that moved through Oklahoma earlier this week.  Severe storms are predicted for late afternoon through the night.  Understandably, people are feeling nervous.  This part of Pennsylvania is no stranger to tornadoes and severe thunderstorms so we tend to perk up and pay attention.  It's only been two years since we were slammed by mega-hail.


Rebecca Lobb said...

Hope the weather isn't too bad! I am guessing an eggplant is what I can an aubergine. I only like them stuffed with something.

Veronica and Daniel said...

Hope you stay safe with the weather!! My mom would make this eggplant lasagna growing up that I just could not force myself to eat..I tried and would end up sitting at the table for hours! I am still not a fan of eggplant :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I love eggplant!!! You've just not had it made right :) I coat it & bake it - its like a good piece of me. What I need being a vegetarian!

Stefano!!! WOW - you just took me back in time! I wonder if he's still on there :) Probably... as a good twin or something weird now!

Joyce said...

I love eggplant! The mention of the name Stefano was like stepping back in time. I haven't seen a soap opera since college and was a little surprised recently when I heard two friends discussing one still on. There are still fans out there.

Stay safe!!

Stacy said...

Rebecca Lobb...I will have to look that up to see if it's the same thing. Stuffed, huh? Can I eat the stuffing and toss the eggplant?? ;)

Veronica...I thought I was the only one whose parents made me sit at the table until I'd cleaned my plate! I used to slip stuff to the dogs when I could, but even they wouldn't eat eggplant.

Rebecca Jo...I am NOT convinced. lol Stefano is still on the last I heard and I think you're right about some weird plot around him. I wonder how many times The Phoenix has risen over the years?

Joyce...I work with a couple of women who are still addicted to Days. They DVR it so they can watch after work. I listened to them one day and it was too weird. All the babies (when I watched) are grown up and involved with or married to people they shouldn't be.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is where I've seen the cutest bikes too! I want one of those cruisers with a basket. I just had some eggplant on Sunday and it didn't excite me at all. Hope things stay safe for you today and always.

Nani said...

Gotta agree on the eggplant; yuck!

Sending a prayer and good thoughts that the storms take it easy on you!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Our weather report is (thankfully) looking pretty clear for the next couple of weeks but we're already hearing rumors of another set of storms after that! So thankful that it wasn't worse! So many more lives could so easily have been lost!


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