May 25, 2013

Saturday Share - Memorial Day Edition

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Welcome to Memorial Day weekend...the kick-off, in most folks' minds, to summer.  This long weeken d has become an excuse to take a 3-day holiday, fire up the grill, and imbibe a little with friends, but when it was founded it meant so much more.  It still does for some, including this household.  Click here to read about the history of Memorial Day.

We are not among the "partiers" this weekend.  Today Tim will be working on the church remodel and I will be doing some much needed laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, and making taco salad for the church dinner tonight as well as some kind of dessert for a gathering of church leaders tomorrow.  Monday we will throw something on the grill for us and my mom and her husband and if the weather cooperates do some yard work or maybe uncover the pool....even though it is currently too cold to use it.

Next week will be a busy one for me and I may be missing in action for much of it as far as blogging goes.  The school district I drive a bus in only has classes Tuesday through Thursday, but the private school I also drive for has early dismissals all next week including Friday so I won't be home much through the day.  The following week, the public school kids have to go for 2 hours on Monday and then they are done (is that not the stupidest thing??).  The private school kids go until that Wednesday, but have early dismissals each day.  My summer will officially begin at about 12:30 pm on June 5.

Here are a couple of links I found this week that you might enjoy:

If you haven't discovered Susan Branch yet, do yourself a favor and check out her site.  She is a blogger, illustrator, writer.....and a whole lot more.  Her site is so much fun and I could spend hours there.

Basset Hound Savvy promises to help you overcome the behavioral issues that Bassets are prone to.  My big boy is only part Basset, but I'm thinking this will be the next book I order.

Blogging friend, Rebecca Jo, dishes up her thoughts about the books she reads on My Companions.

Are you a blogger stuck on what to write about this summer?  Heidi Cohen dishes up 50 prompts.  Bless you, Heidi!

Well, duty calls....okay, it's really dirty dishes, but the point remains that I need to get moving.  You all have a blessed weekend and don't forget to offer up a prayer of thanks for the ones who made it possible!


Dawn Paoletta said...

Love the Susan Branch site- wow you are right, sure could stay there awhile! Have a wonderful weekend , Stacy! Enjoy that taco salad. Yummy. I want to make that...recipe?

Beth Zimmerman said...

Wonderful recap! Enjoy your weekend! We're just being lazy and I usually don't try to blog on the weekends. I might write if the spirit, or muse, moves but so far it's been quite silent!


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