February 19, 2011

Date Night

Guess who has a date tonight?!  Me!  With my daughter!!  I'm so excited (can you tell?).  Megan is 18 and for the last year or more she has had all the answers, which has meant I haven't had any.  She's been through some rough times and she's put me through hell.  We've fought and cried and have come close to be estranged. 

Two weeks ago her doctor started her on Zoloft for depression.  Wow.  It took a week or so, but what a difference we're seeing.  Meg's been pleasant, semi-helpful (she is still 18 after all), and best of all...she seems to be realizing that moving to Alabama right now might not be the best idea or even possible for that matter.  She's taking steps to start creating a life here, where for the last two years she'd isolated herself and did nothing but dream of the day she could move south.

That brings us to today and the "date."  Megan's been wanting to see the movie Country Strong and I saw that it is playing in the town where I drive a school bus.  I love when movies show up there because $20 will get two people tickets, popcorn, drinks and candy.  At the mall $20 might get you in, but it'll cost you another $30 for the snacks.  Anyway, I asked Megan if she'd like to go and she said yes.  She asked about bringing a friend and I said I guessed she could or if she wanted she could just go with the friend and without being even a little upset or disappointed she said, no, she'd just go with me.  Tim was going to go, too, but decided to bow out, too.  He thought Meg and I should have this time.

I can't wait.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Enjoy your date! (I'm glad the Zoloft is making a difference. A life may be saved. And you know I don't type that lightly.)


Stacy Lynn said...

Thanks, Ellie! I hope Meg agrees to stay on the meds. Her ADD meds always put her on a more even emotional keel, too, but she fought taking them tooth and nail.

quilly said...

I am so glad Zoloft is helping Megan. I hope your had a wonderful movie date.

If I were to suddenly become well-known after I was dead it would likely be for the manner in which I died, because I've not done anything worthy of universal fame (although I do hope a few people remember me well).

genny said...

interesting answers, i enjoyed reading it! happy weekend!

Jamie said...

I visited your site once upon a time, and thought I'd pop in again. I'm so glad that you and your daughter are able to have the time together and that your relationship is seeing brighter spots given where you say it's been. One of my daughters, at the age of 19 (now 20), is estranged from our family, sadly. It is a lonely thing for a mother's heart. I sincerely pray that you and your daughter's relationship, and her and the rest of your family, grow stronger and closer.

Stacy Lynn said...

Quilly...the movie date was wonderful. Megan is feeling and acting better than she has in a long time. It's been like getting my kid back after a 2-year absence. I doubt I've done anything worthy of being remembered for, either, but if I do I hope it's for the good I did for others.

Genny...Thank you and thanks for visiting!

Jamie...Thanks for coming back and for the kind words about my relationship with my daughter. It really had gotten bad and I was afraid I was going to lose her at one point. I just can't get over what a MAJOR difference the zoloft has made in her outlook. It is nothing short of a godsend to this family! And I will be praying that peace comes to your family, too, that you're able to restore the relationship with your daughter. I know all too well how much that hurts a mother's heart.


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