February 28, 2011

A Walk In the Park

Yesterday was such a nice day....warm, sunny, and Matt and his family came to visit.  It's a little bit hard to cook one meal that pleases everyone (Ashlei's a vegetarian, Sora's 2, Megan and Tim are just really picky...) so we ordered everyone's favorite pizza for lunch, one with meat (and a couple of veggies) and one loaded with veggies for Ashlei.  Mom came down and joined us and we had a nice meal...except for Sora being a bit strange with everyone after greeting us all warmly enough.  Who knows?  She was fine after a bit.

We decided to take a walk after we ate, which led to deciding to go to a local park.  We walked around the lakes there, probably going 1.5-2 miles and Sora walked it all.  She had so much fun splashing in puddles and she and Megan accidentally took a slide in the mud.  Great fun!

In the parking lot.

Half way around one lake.

Into the great wide open!

Mr. Grumpy....he always looks like that for pictures.

Waterfall between the upper and lower lakes.

Ashlei and Matt....they were married on the lake's floating stage.

Father and Son

Bringing up the rear near the end of the walk.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Looks like a wonderful day.

Wendy said...

Oh how fun to be walking in such a gorgeous snowy place, although I know you're tired of it ;) I love the picture of Megan and Sora. Megan looks like she'll be a great mommy someday. It's nice to hear that you're having fun adventures with your family instead of drama which I know you've had in the past, lol..

Coffeypot said...

The park looks great. I would love to walk there. The rail we walk is around 4 softball fields (two laps = a mile.) We usually walk 3 miles (one hour.) I had rather see the lakes and trees.

Stacy Lynn said...

Rochelle....thanks. It was. :)

Wendy....it is a gorgeous park, not so snowy, though. We had about 10 inches last Tuesday, but it all melted except for where it had been piled. Everything is going much better these days. :)

Coffeypot....we actually have three walking paths (probably more if I really thought about it) to choose from. There is one here in town that circles the ball fields, playground and stadium plus runs along the river through the woods if you want to go further. There is one at the school that circles the whole campus (elementary, middle & high schools, stadium, etc.) and then crosses the road and circles a small lake. The third is the one in the pictures. It's probably 10 miles from here but it is a gorgeous park. When the kids were small I used to take them every morning all year round.


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