March 12, 2011

30 Day Challenge, Day 11: What's on the Tube?

Today I'm to share my favorite television shows.  So, here in no particular order are the shows I currently consider must-see TV...

American Idol - I hate to admit it, but it might be better
without Simon and this year's talent is amazing!

Guy takes you all over the country to little hole-in-the-wall
places and shows you the most amazing food.  I have a new
item for my "bucket list".  I want to take a vacation based on
this show and try all of that fabulous food!

I've been a fan from the very beginning.  I read the books
the show is based on, too.  And Seely Booth?
The icing on top.

Absolutely love it.  Fox better bring it back next year.

Mike & Molly are just too cute and the jokes crack me up.

If we're talking eye candy....the new Hawaii Five-0
has got plenty of it.  It's also a really good show.

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Mich said...

LOVE Bones and Hawaii 5-0. I watch American Idol too, but I'm not ADDICTED to it.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I haven't watched any of Idol this year. I do keep hearing that the talent is really good though!

I love Guy Fieri! Maybe we should do some research and see if he's been anywhere between you and Harrisburg! :)

Jenny said...

I haven't seen half these shows. But I'm definitely liking idol this year...

Stacy Lynn said...

Mich....I wouldn't say I'm addicted...just "vigilant." LOL

Beth....I like the way you think!

Jenny....the talent on Idol is amazing this year, isn't it??


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