March 20, 2011

My Daybook

For Today...

Outside my window...
was a beautiful Spring day that had the neighborhood outside cleaning Winter's last traces away.

I am thinking...that I am a blessed woman, blessed with a wonderful husband, beautiful children and grandchild, and good friends.

I am thankful for...the good life we enjoy here in the United States.  We are so much more fortunate than most of the world even with all the things we complain about.

I am wearing...sweat pants and a t-shirt.  It's Sunday and I've just been putzing around the house.  I did make a quick Walmart run but well, standards are low there.

I am grandparents because of the previous post I wrote for the 30 Day Challenge.

I am get really, really serious about dieting starting fresh first thing tomorrow morning.

I am currently reading...nothing.  I just finished a good Christian novel and haven't started anything else yet.

I am hoping...the doctors are soon able to figure out what is wrong with Megan.  She isn't feeling well again today.

On my mind...dinner.  Sorry.  It's past time and I'm hungry. 

Noticing that...when it comes to taking care of his health my husband is beyond pigheaded.

Pondering these words...Stop looking back.  Don't try to see ahead.  Just stop and look at Now.

In the "world famous" (well, the family brags it up pretty good to anyone who asks) meatloaf, buttered noodles and a corn, asparagus, carrot blend.

Around the house...things are looking pretty good and are pretty well caught up for a change.  I just need to do a couple loads of laundry.

One of my favorite things...puppy kisses!

A picture...

** Courtesy of The Simple Woman's Daybook


quilly said...

I like this. I am thinking about stealing it. I know you've been doing it for a few Sundays. May I do it, too?

Stacy Lynn said...

You sure can, Quilly. It's not mine, though. It's from The Simple Woman's Daybook (click the link at the bottom of the post). You sign up there.


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