May 06, 2011

Friday Bits

Today is Friday.  Today is Friday.  Today is Friday.  Today is......don't mind me.  There's no school today so I've got the day off, but I keep thinking it's Saturday, which wouldn't be a biggie except that I have several calls I want to make this morning and I can't do them on Saturdays because the offices would be closed.  That and no one remembered to take the trash down to the road last night so had to hurry up and do that.

I'm listening to the lovely sound of Megan coughing and hacking and snuffing from her bed.  Yuck.  Turns out she has an ear infection.  She hadn't been coughing before so the antibiotics must be kicking in enough to loosen stuff up.  It's not keeping her home, though.  She was still out until 3:00 this morning.  I tried to convince her to stay in at least one night and rest, but I can't say much.  At her age I ran myself into the ground more than once and once seriously enough to land myself in the college infirmary for a week with a temperature of 105.

It's another beautiful, sunny morning outside the window.  The nice weatherman says rain and thunderstorms are on the way, though.  I don't want to hear that.  Warm days and no more rain would be very welcome.  Tim did at least get home early enough last night to take advantage of the nice day to get the backyard mowed.  It really should be raked, but it looks so much better than it did.

This afternoon I am off to church camp for the Allegheny Conference's business sessions.  I'm not a delegate, but they are having a bit of a ceremony for our church to celebrate its becoming a full-fledged church, rather than a church plant.  Only five of us are able to go because of work.  It's been a long time since I've been there.  I am excited to see the changes to the camp and to see old friends.


Day 4 prompt:  Something that is part of your routine that you enjoy.

Through the school year the days are so hectic and variable that I honestly don't have much of a routine.  It can be pretty fly by the seat of my pants and that's a shame, because there is one thing I love about my summer routine (other than sleeping past 4:00 AM).

When I was growing up and would go to stay with my grandmother, we would begin each day with a cup of tea and each other's company.  In warm weather we'd sit on her front porch.  We'd watch the sun come up across the swamp and fields, the scene dazzling as if dusted with diamonds as the light shone on the dew-covered grass.  We'd listen to the slow drone of bees gathering pollen from the roses surrounding the porch and the buzzing hum of the hummingbirds as they came to the feeders hung from the edge of the roof.  The cats would wind themselves around our ankles while the dogs nosed about the yard to see what they had missed in the night. 

In cold weather, we would sometimes gather in rocking chairs by the fire, but more likely we'd settle at the dining room table.  Every seat at the table gave a good view of the birdfeeders set just outside the window.  Those feeders were filled religiously every day and the birds knew it.  It was so fun to watch them come.  So many different kinds in all sizes and colors all jostling for a spot to sit and eat, from the tiny black-capped chickadees to the loud, rude jays it was a wonderful show.

It was during those times that my grandmother and I had our deepest conversations.  Where she shared her deepest beliefs and I, my dreams for the future.

Oh, how I miss those mornings.  In the summer I try to recreate them a little.  I have a spot fixed up in the backyard that my grandmother would have loved.....a shady rest with a comfy swing and lots of flowers (and I hope this will be the year my fish pond finally goes in).  I will wander out there most mornings during the summer to do my devotions and maybe read a little.  A lot of the time I just get lost in watching the world wake up and remembering those long ago days. 

In this busy world, no one ever has the time to sit with me, though.  I'm sad about that because company would be nice, but mostly I'm sorry for them because they are missing out on something wonderful.  We've raised a generation that is always "bored" and yet, they've no time to stop and be still.  They've forgotten how to smell the roses and meet with God.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Truly, I feel Megan's pain.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I'll sit with you in October unless it's raining or snowing. Actually ... I'd even sit with you in the snow! Just not very long! :)

4:00 is scaring me a little since we will be roomies for Relevant. You DO know how to sleep in, right? And I now know why you said we should drive to Harrisburg Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night! I would pay the $100+ just to sleep in but I will get up with you at the break of day, or before, and try to be a cheerful, and accurate, navigator!

Stacy Lynn said...

Ellen...I know, you've been sick for the longest time. I hope you're soon able to kick it.

Beth...I don't sleep in the way most people think of sleeping in, but without the alarm I do sleep later than 4:00. I'm good at reading or something quiet while other people sleep. :) We don't have to get up THAT bright and early to leave for Harrisburg. It's only 3 or 4 hours away (it's been a while so I'm not sure exactly).


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