May 05, 2011

I'll Get to It....Eventually

What a glorious day!  It started out cold with a bit of frost this morning, but we're in the mid-60's now with plenty of sunshine.  Yes, sunshine.  I can hardly believe it myself.  Had to take Megan to the doctor's office this morning.  She's been fighting a sore throat for several days.  Turns out she has an ear infection so it's Amoxicillian for 10 days.  It hasn't slowed her down any yet, so I doubt she will be allowing herself any down time now.

On the subject of time, she certainly has lots of it now.  She quit her job yesterday.  I'm not going into all the details, but I support the decision.  She needed to get out of the daycare she was at.  I just hope that she gets right on the ball looking for another job rather than seeing it as a license to spend even more time with Cody.  There's so much competition out there for any job these days.

Today is my Friday.  Tomorrow is an in-service day for teachers so no classes for students.  No students, no need for bus drivers.  Woot!  Three-day weekend!!  I don't have a lot of plans, but tomorrow I'm going to the Allegheny Region of the Churches of God, CG's church camp with a handfull of people from my church.  We just recently went from being a church plant to being recognized as a full-fledged church.  The conference is having some sort of ceremony to celebrate it.  Very exciting times for our congregation.

On to the writing challenge....

Day 3 prompt:  Something with which you struggle.

Something I struggle with.....other than the dieting and "letting go" I've already shared about.  Hmmm.........(cue Jeopardy theme song).......

I'll take procrastination for $1000.

It's really no secret.  I'm not very interested in domestic pursuits and I don't enjoy having to deal with them. I have become a pro at putting them off.  I can diddle away the day with the best of 'em.  And my favorite form of diddling?  I'm doing it now.  There is always something to read, posts to comment on, friends to chat with and if I'm on Facebook, my farm can always use some work.  Especially that English farm I just started.

The problem is that I know it's wrong.  I know that included in that "higher calling" I keep yapping about, is God's expectation for me take care of my husband and children and that means maintaining a comfortable and welcoming home.

I need to work on this, but dang....I think my Farmville crops need harvesting.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Well, my sista from another mista, we may be twins! Procrastination is regularly at the tippy top of my to-do list!

Beth Zimmerman said...

And I'm glad Megan is no longer hanging out with ghosts! :)

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Farmville. Oh dear!

Stacy Lynn said...

Beth...we're in trouble!

Ellen...My farming's done for the night. Actually, I'm not doing it so much any more. It's gotten boring.


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