June 14, 2011

It's Okay Tuesday!

On Tuesdays I've taken to joining in with Whispering Writer (WW hasn't posted in a few days because she is in the midst of moving her military family to Oklahoma) on a an idea she borrowed from Glamour Magazine.  She calls it It's Okay Tuesdays.  It's when we can take a moment and tell ourselves that those quirky things we think and do are...well....OKAY!

Hey, it's OKAY....

...to still be in your pajamas at 9:00 on a Tuesday morning.  It's summer, you're not going anywhere, and you can deal with the embarassment if and when someone actually stops by.

...to be pretty sure your teenage daughter was lying when she told you she was going to a sale at Victoria's Secret.  At 6:00 A.M.  The mall doesn't open until 10:00.  She's over 18 and so far her choices (even though they make you crazy) haven't landed her in jail or worse.  Let her make her own decisions and mistakes and avoid a lot of worry and stress.

...to eat left-over spaghetti for breakfast.  It's good for you (high-protien/fiber pasta and veggie enriched sauce) and will keep you full longer than that bowl of cereal.

...to check caller ID and not answer the phone every time your husband's 86-year-old, semi-senile great aunt calls.  Sometimes you're just too busy to answer the same (not particularly important) question 50 times in a row.

...to call one of your daughter's new friends Sasquatch.  Hey, he is the one with the size 15 feet who left a pair of boots in the hall for you to fall over that the entire population of a small third world country could live in.

...to have not made a lot of progress on your summer reading list.  Yet.  It's not your fault that life and the weather have kept those lazy hours floating in the pool from materializing.

Well, now that I've established that I'm okay I'm going to go visit some of you and then I guess I'll get dressed.  If I must.  Yesterday afternoon turned out to be rather busy and somewhat stressful.  I took a contractor to meet with the above mentioned aunt.  God bless him for having the patience of a saint and answering the same questions over and over.  Then I brought him to meet with my mom since she is getting a lot of work done on her house but hasn't chosen a contractor yet.  And then....my mom was in an accident at the corner of our street.  She is fine, it wasn't her fault, and no one was hurt but her car will probably have to have a whole new bumper and fender.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Just stay in pj's. Some days it is just nice to do that. I wish I had leftover spaghetti for breakfast. I guess I will have to settle for a brownie :-) I am really not in a cereal mood this morning.
Glad your mom is ok.

Wendy said...

I love these "it's o.k..." posts and am inspired by yours. They always make me smile and say "yes, damn it, we need to stop beating ourselves up so much and quit comparing ourselves to others"! Esp. like the one about lazing around in the p.j.'s ; )

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Jammies at nine, hm? I may have to try that tomorrow, but only because I have a summer cold.


Ria said...

I love the idea of your post today!!

To answer your questions- I built a frame that was 4x6 used potting soil mixed with perlite for drainage. held it in with chicken wire and sheet moss. It just sort of leans on the wall. I mixed water with cactus food when I planted it, and again in the fall. I fed it again 2 weeks ago. if it hasn't rained for awhile or if it's been really hot I spray water on it.

I live in northern NJ - so I don't know where in PA you live but we probably aren't that different in temps. As cold and as snowy as it was this winter - the 2 plants I lost were last summer. I didn't lose any over the weekend.

Does this help?

Stacy Lynn said...

Rochelle...I'm never in the mood for breakfast food at breakfast. I nearly always have leftovers. Thanks for thinking of my mom.

Wendy...You got the point of "It's Okay Tuesday." Whatever we do, we're all unique and beautiful. :)

Ellen...I believe you. Really. ;)

Ria...thanks for the explanation! It sounds pretty simple the way you described it. I don't know about the weather difference...I'm over here on the western side of the state in the mountains. I might give this a go sometime this summer and see if I can find a more sheltered spot for it.


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