June 13, 2011

My Pond & A Summer Meme

Three years ago, or was it four (it's been so long I've lost count), I bought a kit for a fish pond at Sam's Club.  I've always wanted a pond so I was really excited to find it at the bargain price of $99.  Tim ripped the box open and took everything out right away.....and that's been the end of the story.  For all this time the pond forms have just been moved around the yard.  Until this weekend, that is.  I hired Efran, a guy from our church, to put it in.  He brought his cousin Tony to help and the two of them made short work of the job.  I'm so thrilled and they did such a good job, don't you agree?

Placing plants.

Planting and laying stone.


Thank you, Efran and Tony!


And now on to a meme that I found over at The Real Housewives of Oklahoma.

4 Things You Like About Summer
1.  Staying up late.

2.  Yard sales.

3.  Bonfires.

4.  County fairs.
4 of Your Favorite Vacation Destinations

1.  Chincoteague, VA

2.  New Mexico/Arizona
and then to dream...

3.  Australia

4.  Italy/Greece
4 of Your Favorite Summer Foods

1.  Fresh seafood!

2.  Veggies fresh from our own garden.

3.  Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon....

4.  Funnel cake (goes with the county fairs).

4 Concerts Not to Miss

1.  Toby Keith

2.  Kenny Chesney

3.  Jason Aldean

4.  Jimmy Buffet
4 Things to Avoid in the Summer
1.  Sunburn (not doing so well with that).
What is this guy smiling about??
2.  Mosquitos

3.  Poison ivy, oak, sumac, etc.

4.  Anything that brings you down.


Beth Zimmerman said...

The pond is beautiful! We have one in our yard that is malfunctioning, except as a mosquito trap, and needs to be removed! Oh well ....

Enjoy your day, your pool, your pond, etc.

The Southern Family said...

Love your pond! So pretty! Thanks for linking up your list, it was a great one!

Mrs. S

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Do Not Enter?

The pond?


quilly said...

The pond looks great. I want one. Send the guys over ....


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