June 28, 2011

It's Okay Tuesday!

On Tuesdays I've taken to joining in with Whispering Writer  on a an idea she borrowed from Glamour Magazine. She calls it It's Okay Tuesdays. It's when we can take a moment and tell ourselves that those quirky things we think and do are...well....OKAY!

Hey, it's okay...

...to have laughed so hard you snorted at certain parts of the movie Bad Teacher.  Those teenage girls in front of you can keep their opinions to themselves.  Your husband, too (you saw him looking a little too long at those boobs...in the movie, NOT the teenage girls).

...to be secretly glad it's a rainy day so you don't have to go out and pull weeds in the garden.  Whatever happened to the good old days when a garden was a family project?

...to wonder what the heck your pastor had in mind when she asked you to teach this week's lesson on homemaking to the lady's Bible study.  Doesn't she know your house gives Martha Stewart the vapors?  That dust bunnies seek sanctuary under your furniture (and there are rumblings of declaring a sovereign nation)?  That your family communicates through notes written in the dust?  That your favorite recipe involves the yellow pages and a phone?

...to not really get Twitter...even though you have an account, send out the occasional Tweet, and get Tweets sent to your phone...to wonder who exactly those @Tweets are talking to...or when you should respond...can we call it being "twitterpated"?

...to be pretty sure you're going to have a stroke if they don't soon announce ticket sales for Toby Keith's Pittsburgh concert when your husband has given the go ahead to spend the money on VIP tickets this year so you can sit up front and get to meet Toby before the show.  Tickets are on sale for all the shows before and after the Pittsburgh one.  What is the deal????

...to be really excited about chaperoning a trip to the zoo tomorrow because you haven't seen the new polar bear exhibit.  Oh yeah...and to introduce the kids to the zoo for the first time.

...to be sitting here trying to think up one more thing because you don't feel like starting on that laundry.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Getting that laundry done?

noexcuses said...

I love this post! You have taken the words right out of my mouth! I needed permission to have a "me" and you just gave it to me. Thanks!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I love your description of your house! Dust bunnies and all! :)

Stephanie said...

Great Laugh! I have a sovereign nation of dust bunnies too.Stef


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