June 27, 2011

Monday Musings

Good morning!  It's looking to be a great day.  I actually slept in for the first time this summer....not went back to bed or just layed there, but slept.  Straight through.  Heaven.  And get this, THE. SUN. IS. SHINING!  Can you believe that?  Southwest Pennsylvania has in recent years turned into one of the grayest places on Earth.  It's absolutely dazzling out there.  I'm going to have to slather my pale, freckly body with sunscreen and get out there!

I finished Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich over the weekend and made a good start on The Devil Colony by James Rollins.  Love me some good summer reads!  I also got my first free book from BookSneeze.....free because you agree to post a review on your blog (I will on my book blog) and also on one commercial site like Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Tyndale House also has a similar program, but I looked into it and I don't think my blog is big enough for them.  Yet.  It will get there.

Tim and I went to see Bad Teacher, the new Cameron Diaz movie, on Saturday.  Um....it was funny.  Justin Timberlake was hysterical as a wimpy substitute teacher who can't sing.  Unfortunately, it was filled to the brim with innuendo, swearing, drug use and some nudity.  It could have been funny without all that.  I guess the thing is they were aiming at the teens and 20-somethings, not 40-something grandmas.

We got our new roof on Saturday.  Wow.  A crew of 8 showed up at 8:45 and by 12:30 they were done, packed up, and gone!  It was amazing to watch them swarm up onto the roof and attack it.  Half the neighborhood was out watching.  There have been a lot of new roofs going on since the big hail storm this spring, but nothing like this.  But the noise!  You've not heard loud until you hear 8 men on your roof scraping the old roof off.  The dogs were losing their minds!  Megan, somehow, managed to sleep through most of it.

Yesterday we worked outside.  I did the weed whacking and Megan worked on the pool.  Tim spent a lot of time getting the John Deere running.  First he thought it was bad sparkplugs, but new ones didn't help.  It turned out that the fuel in-take was totally clogged.  By the time he got things working Megan and Cody were chomping at the bit to load up some scrap metal Tim had promised them.  So, I got a quick lesson on driving the Deere and mowed the grass while Tim cut up metal and the kids loaded it into his truck.  Then we all rode over to unload it at Cody's house.  We got to meet his parents.  They seem a little shy, but nice, not odd like I was expecting from things Megan has said.  Tim is bringing them another load of scrap home from work today.  Normally, he takes it in himself or gives it to one of his guys, but he's trying to help the kids out.  Cody's not working much and Megan has no plans to hunt for a job until after they go to New York next month (or until summer is over if she can get away with it).

Today I have to take Tim's aunt to the post office if they don't bring her insurance check.  It came certified mail and she missed it Saturday.  No big plans.  I do have to work on this week's Bible study since I'm supposed to teach it tomorrow night.  Looks like getting dressed might be a good place to start so I'm headed that way.

Happy Monday, y'all!


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Glad you got your new roof. Get out in that sun girl. Glad it is shinning. Wish my kids let me sleep late. They boys wake up early. They never sleep late :-(

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Explain more about the scrap...do they then sell it for recycling?

Sounds like a good, busy weekend.

Wendy S. said...

Wow, summmer is really kicking off for all of you. I have to get a new roof too, yikes, not looking forward to the money I have to pay. I keep seeing the advertisements for "Bad Teachers" but I think I'd rather see "Green Lantern."

Stacy Lynn said...

Rochelle...Keep in mind, sleeping in is 8:00. LOL The only times my kids have ever been early risers were days you wanted them to sleep in a bit like Christmas.

Ellen...Yes, they're taking it to a scrap yard which buys it for recycling. Scrap prices are up again so they'll actually make a pretty decent amount. That's why (at least around here) there are so many stories in the news of people steeling copper wire and pipes right out of buildings or off of construction sites. Recently I read that someone had pulled it right off of Verizon's pole!

Wendy...thanks to a big hail storm that blew through the area at the end of April we didn't have to pay for the roof except the deductable on the insurance. I would rather have seen "Bridesmaids."


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