June 16, 2011

Rain Day & Top Ten

It looks like Ellen's rainy day has reached Pennsylvania so it's going to be a good day to stay inside, get some much needed cleaning done (why does the kitchen always look like a tornado blew through when hardly anyone is here to use it?), read a little, and maybe even finally get around to watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie so I can see the fourth one.  That last one is iffy, though, as for me, there's nothing like a rainy summer afternoon, a bowl of popcorn, and watching Johnny and Baby dance summer into fall at Kellerman's.

Megan and Cody did do some yard work yesterday, but Tim said they need to spread more dirt (I told them it wasn't enough).  Everything is on hold today since it's wet and rainy.  I don't have the truck, anyway, since Tim ended up needing it to haul all of his concrete tools to work. 

**Can I just mention here, how anxious I am for him to start his next project?  It's not that I want him to jump right in.  He still needs to take some serious vacation time, but he told me the other night that his boss has told him he isn't allowed to work right along side the crews on it.  He will have to hold back and actually be a supervisor and only oversee all the subcontractors.  That's what he is now, but his Type A personality tends to make him jump in and do things himself so he knows they're done right.  I guess there are all kinds of regulations on the new job that will prevent that.  Yessss!!

I'm off to visit your blogs and then I'm tackling the kitchen....and I will win!


Beth has started a new meme, Thursday Top 10 List.  Today she's asking for the top 10 things you want to do, but haven't yet.  She likened it to a mini-bucket list.  Since I just posted my complete bucket list not long ago, I'm sharing this instead: 


Beth Zimmerman said...

I love Veggie Tales and especially Silly Songs! :) Good luck conquering the house! I'm trying to tackle mine a little bit each evening. I'll get there eventually!

And no surgery was recommended so I can stop worrying about having my vacation time stripped away! Pennsylvania ... and Stacy ... here I come!

Stacy Lynn said...


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

It was raining here this morning, sun's out now, rain's meant to come back. I'm just working to get out from under this cold meds fog...


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